Special One (Part 2)

And after her long wait

Just one fateful day 

She found that special one

He was as tall as the cedars of Lebanon

He had a heart as soft as wool

Suddenly when he arrived

Her face turned into crimson red

She was finally happy

That her special one had come

They kicked off from there

One day on bended knees

He asked that She Be His

Without even a thought

She said yes

Just while she thought of a

Happy Ever After

That scary moment of cessation

That moment when the white light glooms brighter than the sun

That cold and stretch moment of discomfort



Snatched him away

Just when she wanted 

To be HIS

She cried so much

Out of anger, sadness and depression

She wondered why she had waited

Out of shock and out of Frustration 

She swore that

She would never wait for another

Maybe she wasn’t meant


So she looked up to the

HEAVENS and asked

Αre you still sending that

“Special One? “




Special one

She was as beautiful as her name

She was as priceless as a  diamond

But one thing she lacked was that word called


She wanted it badly 

But who could give her that thing she wanted

The ones she loved

 All turned their backs on her

While the others

Wanted something in return

They wanted her “Pride”

She cried and searched for that one

She could call “Her Own”

So she stopped trying and hoped that

Someday, somehow

That special one would 


She still awaits that 

“Special one”


Life is a book

That we scribble our past, present and Future

Life is a Cinema

We watch our loved ones go and come

Life is  a Theatre

Where new dreams are born or lost

Life is like  a Church

Where  you listen keenly  to what people or God says about  you

Life is  a Dream

Which either comes  to reality or remains  a fantasy

Finally, Life is an Experience

you decide  to share or keep