My Growing up story

Growth? What is growth? I can remember my biology teacher saying “Growth is the change that occurs in man”.

Growing up in a house full of love,was just all I needed with a brother and a sister and my ever loving parents, what more could I ask for? Absolutely nothing!! Okay it all comes down to my parents, one word to describe them? AMAZING!! One thing I would never forget is that the first car we ever had was bought because of me. Reason? My dad thought since I was so “WHITE” he did not want sun to turn me into a “BLACK” being, so he had to buy a car (I know most of you must be thinking its a jeep). Our first car was a “BEETLE”. Although while growing up I eventually stopped being “WHITE” lol. I can also remember that they made sure we all got our 3rd year birthdays celebrated.

Okay!! Enough of my parents, I want to talk about my siblings, one word to describe them? The BEST. We had our times,fun times, quarrel times, fighting times, crying times, food times etc. One funny moment I remember was that we had our special seats on the dinning table, and once you violate the sitting arrangement, the “quarrel time” sets in. I hated growing up because I had to leave certain things behind, certain places I was banned from going to, and I also started losing some of my childhood friends ( because every one left to school or changed location), but one thing I was happy for was that I also became wise.

Growing up in general was a wonderful experience or more like a journey, because along the way certain characters and traits had to drop and new ones picked. All I can say is Thank you Jesus for bringing me this far. So that’s my own growing up story what’s yours??