The word that cannot be fathomed.

I said to myself one day,”ummm self lets write a book”
but then on a second thought, iasked myself “when ‘m i gonna finish dis book?”
Then i said “No lets just write a paragraph”
Again! isaid “would a paragraph be enough to pen down what i’m about to say?”
I got so tired , i asked myself “What do i even want to write about?”
That was when that word, that unedited word, that tremendous word, that calms all hearts and heals all wounds, that word that just doesn’t have one meaning….that word called LOVE.
While growing up, i have always wondered, whenever ihear people saying “i LOVE you”, i’ve always asked myself wat does this word mean??, is it d name of a person, or is it a word that was derived from a legend?, or is it a slang??.
But, unfortunately for me , all my thoughts were wrong, the first person that ever defined the word love was my dad, he didn’t actually tell me the meaning but he said something ‘ll never forget, he said “The LOVE i have for you and your siblings is a love that you can never get elsewhere except from GOD”….that struck a bell.
hmmm….LOVE!!!!!!!! well in my own definition, love is more than a mutual feeling, its something that just can’t be explained, when you love someone, its like you are loving your twin and you fear that, without love that person cannot survive.
You know, that kind of love that God had for man, that he had to send his only begotten son to come n die for the sins of others??? that is the greatest love i have ever heard of, because i can’t do it…i can’t watch my son die for the sins of others.
That is my own definition of love πŸ™‚ ‘ll like to know yoursImage