Story of my crush

Crush?? hmmmm that word doesn’t sound like something you haven’t heard before. Ok, let me not assume that everyone has actually heard or even knows the meaning. So i’ll define what crush means without the use of a dictionary, but in my own words. The word crush means something/someone that you admire or interested in or you love despite the person’s flaws.That was exactly my situation, this meaning had alot to do with me.
This was the beginning of my story, i had a crush but the funny thing was, did my crush start crushing on me first?? This, i couldn’t answer, but it didn’t matter. How i met my crush? I met my crush in school, my crush is fair, not really tall but taller than me though, i love my crushe’s eyes. I quickly noticed my crush when i noticed someone kept staring at me even when i’m with my bf and friends.
I kept wondering, why did this my supposed crush keep looking at me like that? was there something wrong with me or did we know ourselves from somewhere?? all dis questions i asked myself but no one could give me an answer not even my own mind could fathom the reason for the stares. I even went as far as telling a friend of mine to please find out my crushe’s name.
Then finally!!! alas!! i got the name, i wasted no time in adding my crush up on facebook, i even wasted no time in checking out the page, but i found out that my crush hasn’t been online for sometime, so the next thing was Twitter! i had to start a convo’ as quick as possible with my crush, i needed to find out certain things e.g why the stares etc. I don’t know why i was doing all this, but i couldn’t stop, i deserved answers. Well i’ll stop here for now.