When you hear the word “Christmas”, I know what comes into your mind is “it’s on the 25th of december, its time to shop for new clothes” etc. This is what comes to my mind too and I can’t deny that fact, but again let’s stop and ponder what I’m I celebrating? I’m I celebrating myself or I’m I celebrating the reason why there is CHRISTMAS?
CHRIST__MAS!! Not X_mas!! Let’s get this straight! We are celebrating Christ and not X. Christ is the reason for Christmas, its his birthday, we all know how we feel when we clock +1 in our various years and get celebrated by our friends and loved ones and we also know how terrible we feel when your friends and loved ones forget your birthday even when you reminded them earlier. That is exactly how Christ feels when you don’t celebrate him, but go around partying and drinking and forgetting to celebrate him.
We all including me are guilty of this, the best birthday gift we can give Christ is to celebrate him and make that day holy as possible, I’m not saying we shouldn’t party or have fun, but always stop n think, will Christ be happy when he looks down from heaven? Another gift we can give him, is to promote the mass of the kingdom and not promote the kingdom of the condom, let those un believers know that it is CHRIST that is the reason for CHRISTMAS!!
Its not an easy task, but let’s give CHRIST the best birthday ever!! Stay Blessed.Ë...Tîmz


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