What does the word “WEAK” mean?? It means, not physically fit or mentally strong, there are different meanings, but i prefer this meaning because it relates to what i am about to write/talk about.

You remember those days, when you are entirely tired, stressed out and even tired of involving yourself with others?? Yea, i know you remember! Those days are what i call “WEAKER DAYS”

 That moment when you don’t feel alive, when it’s like your whole body has become numb, all because that “ONE” or people who you call “FRIENDS” has either got a problem with their mood and it looks like you are the reason they are that way, that feeling of guilt that emanates from your soul, that makes you want to shed a tear.Image

 Those moments when you feel like you have been punished just like the story of “ATLAS”(Greek mythology) Image to bear the weight of the whole earth, and it mustn’t slide or even come crashing down, because souls would be lost.

 While experiencing this “WEAKER DAYS” you keep asking yourself “what did i ever do wrong”, “wasn’t my best good enough?” etc.

NOW!! HOLD UP!! The journey isn’t over yet, this is just part of the challenges of life that we all have to pass through and it depends on how you face it. It’s either you quit or stand/ stay strong always and come out victorious. Just like NELSON MANDELA said about victory, this is what he said “I have discovered the secret that after climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb.”

This is a hard saying, but really true, challenges are meant to come; those “WEAKER DAYS” just have to be experienced….

So, you have to brace up! Smile, walk tall, you’ve got so many years ahead of you, don’t give up! Lots of destinies are attached to your life, you are GOD’s image, and you were born to be great and not to be a weakling.

 Finally, learn to turn your “WEAKER DAYS” into “STRONGER and VICTORIOUS days”. Cheers!




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