Out of a quiet mind shall flow rivers of THOUGHTS.

I’ve been thinking of what next to write about and upload on my blog for a very long time, this time i don’t want it to be a story…i want it to be something unusual, and till now I’ve still not come up with anything. So while I sit down comfortably next to my dad in his large office, a noisy one i must say, this is because a lot of people are in this office. Also thinking of my IT recruitment which took place this morning *yaaayy*, and the funny things involved, especially when i was told not by anybody but by the terms of agreement and conditions given to me how much i was gonna be paid at the end of every month (pls don’t ask me the amount lol), and also the response i got from some of my friends who i told about the payment..well as u expect, some laughed, some encouraged, some sympathized with me lol its all good. I’ll be starting tomorrow *smiles* can’t wait!! Ok, enough of me, i really do not intend boring y’all, i just thought y’all should know how my day went. So i’m here sitiing down in this verrryyyyy comfortable chair and I’m like i don’t wanna bore my readers, i want them to smile and want them to expect more…..then ALAS!!!!! that word came, that word i love very much 100%…..the word MUSIC!!!!!

I love music, and i think i love it more than anybody on earth*tongue out*. Well music to me is like a balm, it heals, it soothens, it brings this feeling of warmth and pleasure, it relaxes the mind (especially blues) . I actually did a research on some search engines like Google on the origin of music, but i didnt really get what i was looking for, the next place i quickly checked was the bible and there it was! Music originated from heaven ((go check yo bible asap).

One thing y’all should know is that I can SING!! (those who are really close to me know this). I uploaded some of my videos on facebook, go check it out, the name is: Princess Toks Chelseaberry and don’t forget to like, comment and share *big grin*. I just love songs that create music, songs that inspire. I’m stopping here…..guess i’ve said a lot. But please, if you don’t love music, pls start from now to love it cus music spins the world 360degrees. LOVE y’all and do v a great week!!



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