The “DO NOT TRUST” Factor!


Hmmm…TRUST! one of the world’s strongest word. A wise man once said “the most expensive word in the world is TRUST. It can take a matter of years to earn and only a matter of seconds to lose”. This hit me hard when i saw and read it, it is a strong saying and very true.

Here, my story begins…

One faithful day, i went to church, because we had a program, which i needed to attend, because i was going to minister with the choir. I was on my way to church when this call from one of my gfs came through. She told me about the party she was having to celebrate her 20th birthday, which was also the same time i was going to church. I thought hard on whether to go for the party or continue my journey to church, but u know the devil works in cunning ways. I thought of the fun, the food, the cake, the drinks, the moments and i said to myself, i’ll just go there for 30mins and just continue my journey back to church.

So, i told my girlfriend i was gonna come for the party, but that i won’t be staying long cus i needed to be in church, and she agreed!. Wheew! that was settled, so i changed my direction and told the taxi guy who was taking me to turn around to a different location, of course he cldn’t complain because i was gonna pay him. Finally, i arrived at the location where the party was going to be held, i started searching for my gf(the birthday girl), then i saw her, and the party began!

We danced, we drank, we ate..just name it! we had fun! That was when i took a glance at my watch, and with a surprised expression, i never thought 30mins would pass so quickly Image.

 I told my friend, i had to go.. she begged me to stay till the end, that she was going to take me home in her own car, i was meant to say NO! but i didn’t..i played a fool! I forgot about church..after all there’s something like lying, i would just tell the choir master that i had a flu and that would settle it. So, i continued partying with my dear friend!! Image

Well..the party finally came to an end. And we had to go home, then my friend dropped the bomb shell! she said she couldn’t take me home, that she had to rush home and rest, that she was fagged out. This sounded so ridiculous to me, i reminded her that she promised to take me home, and she bluntly apologized, I was so upset and embittered, how could i trust her this much! Well i told her to go to hell! and that she should never call me again! This was about 10pm. So i took a walk down the road to where i could get a taxi, that was when two good looking but hefty guys stopped me, i was scared to my bones, one of them started playing with my hair, while the other was busy checking my bag. They asked me why i was walking alone, infarct they took me for a whore. OMG! all i could think of was this guys are going to rape me, and it would be so easy for them since i was putting on a gown, my guess was right, because one of them pushed me to the floor, and climbed on me while the other held my hands.


I Struggled, all i was saying in my mind was “Lord if u deliver me from this one, i promise not to trust anyone but you”. While the other one who was on top of me was trying to unzip his trouser, that was when my Messiah came! He scared the two guys away and came to rescue me, took me into his eye, couldn’t even ask me any question, cus i was already looking so worn out! He took me home, and behold my parents were already waiting for me, because they were worried, my mum immediately rushed me into the house, while my dad was obviously finding out what happened from the man who saved me!

It took a while before i came out of that shock, before i could heal. My dad called me, and i told him everything, that was when he said this “Do not trust anyone, not even me your father or your mother. Put your trust only in GOD“. That was all he said to me, then i realized that, it was because i trusted God in my situation that he saved me from that incident that could have shattered my entire life.

That was the moment i decided to take up the “do not trust” factor!!!



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