Bring US BACK!!

Just as the sun brought forth its light
So was a joy inexpressible felt.

I was happy…reasons being that i was going to see my sisters (Friends)
We’ve been away from each other for too long
But, finally we all are going to meet again.

The happiness i felt, when i saw one of my closest friend…Aishat
We hugged for a very long time, and started chatting about the holidays, while we waited for other girls..and the bus taking us back to school.
The other girls came  too, and some of them i knew joined me and Aishat in our lil chit-chat.

Soon, it was time to leave, we got up!! dusted our uniforms, because we have been sitting on the bare floor.
We said our prayers, in different languages, while the bus moved on.
Our convos still continued, gossips made the bus so lively, funny jokes were told by one of the girls named Rahmat.

Slowly, the bus gradually became quiet, because some of the girls had slept off
Aishat my close friend rested her head on my laps, while she slept.
I was also dozing off, when suddenly our bus suddenly stopped in a violent manner
Most of us sleeping, woke up! wondering what had happened.

Before we knew it, we saw armed men, who covered their faces ordering all of us to come down from the bus
They carried sophisticated weapons, some of us where shedding tears.
While they led us into the bush, to an unknown destination….
All i could do was whisper a prayer to God that we all won’t die.
As i looked at my friend Aishat, with tears straming down her face, we couldn’t say a word, but our hearts spoke.

Soon afterwards, they seperated us, they took me away from my sister..Aishat
I struggled, I kicked, i used my teeth, but these men were stronger.
Was i ever going to see my sister and my friend again?? What will become of her??
What will become of US?? Where were these men taken us to??
No one had this answers.

I need to see my sisters again…i need to tell her it was all a dream
I need someone to get me out of this bush or wherever i was
I want to go home.

Pls find us!! Pls take us back to our homes
We are tired!! There are no more tears to shed, because we are weak!

Help me find and bring back my other sisters!! My heart is bleeding…Please help us!!





21 thoughts on “Bring US BACK!!

  1. Words spoken wisely, i pray the almighty God hears and see our hearts and prayers. IJN.

  2. first I must commend your inexplicable efforts as to procreating a fictional piece of the ongoing boko haram insurgency in the country, it shows that our Future generation is bent at producing great minds. as to the ongoing situation at hand, I pray the hook of justice will fish out this inhumane humans out.

  3. There is more to the happenings in this country , imagine the military Publicising the strategy they wanna use in rescuing the girls, why would they do that ? Cos I think they are trying to alert them so the could move away from their present location in sambisa forest. You know what I think ? I think we are all being fooled by the so called politicians , government and leaders of the this nation. If u would permit me to say , the harm they have done to this country through corruption is as good as the harm boko haram is doing to this nation at the moment. We are slaves in our own land .

    1. Yeah u are absolutely right, most leaders are behind this happenings, most of dem are even sponsoring this so called boko haram, its only God that can help us really

  4. Its really a pity that we are all in a country where human lives are taken for granted!!… God help us!

  5. Am touched…I pray nd hope dey ll qet bk 2 deir families soon…no 1 deserves 2 b treated wid such 4 dat matter. I do bliv 1 fin tho..d way nd manner God executes his plans in our lives differs..beyond human comprehension..God knows best nd am sure we all qonna b hearin qood news soon..Kudos 4 d 1daful piece tho..u qettin qud.

  6. May God in his infinite mercy help us from all this insecurity challenges we are facing as a nation…To me i believe the government have a clear understanding of the heartless people behind this problems..corrupt leaders

  7. This isn’t a story but a fact that we all need to act on. This isn’t only 4 the Security agents but every concerned citizen.

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