This One’s On You… #BringBackOurGirls



A whole life ahead of them

A whole world of opportunities

Waking up that morning, going with the norm

None was aware of what the day held

Had they known, home, that day would’ve been better off

But they were unaware

They went in head first

Some happy, some with mixed feelings

It was a daily phenomenon

Nothing out of the ordinary

That is, until they struck…


Weeks have gone by

Of their whereabouts we are unsure

Their state of being, even more troubling

But we are not letting go

We are not ignorant to their pain

It’s a matter I’ve battled not to think about

But I find myself in its line of thought anyway

A word of prayer is all I can offer

And just that I do

So My Father

This one’s not on President Jonathan

He didn’t create these ones

He doesn’t know what You…

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