Okay! Okay! y’all need to read this, see me oo… one Tuesday like after work, i quickly headed to church because i had choir rehearsals. After being dropped off by dad…the rehearsals hasn’t started yet yaayy! lucky me..i was d first! So while i chilled abi i waited inside my choir master’s office ( don’t worry the man na married man, because i know wetin una wan ask me).

There was this show, they were actually showing on TV and the program host….infact first of all, dem vex me because before the show they were showing this gospel music video i have been dying to watch…and they just cut it short 😥 “THERE IS GOD ohh!!!”. Anyways that’s a story for another day, Ehen! as i was saying the program host, introduced this lady, even before introducing her he was just hyping the lady..saying she is popular, her CD’s are among the fastest selling in the world….(N.B: i no even sabi this woman).

Well……they showed her video, the title of the song (RED CARD) don already tell me wetin i go expect, as usual dem do the video for “obodoyibo”..i won’t lie the video was whack! even you sef, u for vex. And i began to wonder..wetin even make sense for this video, that this program host was jus hyping dust? or was he scared of hurting her, or is it because e no wan lose e job ni? Well..i just ended up laughing and repeating the lyrics of the song.

But! one thing i discovered or rather concluded is that…we humans are fond of over_hyping things that are not “all that”…for example when Davido’s AYE came out chai! social network no rest, it was by force and compulsion i downloaded that music with my phone of blessed memory 😥 RIP, i listened to the song, although the song is nice and cool..but it didn’t really fit into people’s description, i even prefer Iyanya’s Lekwakwu sha.

But please humans! learn to say the truth, even if d person vex….The vexing is just for a moment but laughter comes in the next moment. Let us stop over hyping unnecessary and irrelevant things……Oshey! MIgwo! etcccc….#Signingout




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