Someone once told me that “until you find yourself, you will never be happy”. I pondered on this and discovered he was right! You can never be able to share or rather give happiness to others/ people around you. But before you can be happy, you have to discover yourself, discover who you really are, discover what you can do that gives u joy, discover the people/friends you think deserve a place in your heart.

Truth is you don’t need anyone to discover yourself for you,u just need YOU! And once u find you, you will be able to share your happiness and stories to others and also inspire them through also find themselves.If you do not discover yourself on time, you will find happiness very late..and that would be drastic trust me!

So today, i challenge you to drop those things that could be a barrier to your SELF-DISCOVERY, make up your MIND! your mindset matters alot because if you decide to be happy you will, if you also decide to be sad, you will too it’s vice versa. But, i DARE you to discover who you really are, be happy, HAPPINESS is infectious. Infect people with that syndrome, called SELF-DISCOVERY and HAPPINESS



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