Our Team work story

During my secondary school days, i always wondered why i always had to be in a class where the school authority always thought we were bunch of nuisance, these thoughts followed me till i got my admission letter into the university,i just said to myself, “it’s still gonna be the same thing, afterall i went to like 3 secondary schools and it was always the same thing, so what’s gonna be different about this one? abeg!”

Well…my first day in the university wasn’t so bad, apart from all the services we had, life was good a bit.

Then lectures began..we all were sitted like scared kittens probably having the same thought as me, i cared less though, all i prayed for deep down in my heart was “Baba God abeg i no wan enter trouble through out my 4 years in this school”

But as weeks passed, as lectures progressed i discovered how wrong i had been all these while, university wasn’t secondary school, the same students you sat with then wasn’t the same students you were sitting with in the university, my mentality thus changed.

Making friends within my department was a tough task because then everyone wanted to lead, we all wanted to be better than the other, lots of quarrels among the guys and girls…lol too many beefs i can barely recall, then what i feared most came to pass but in a different way just few weeks after our matriculation, we lost a student (expulsion) and the whole school was like “The first person to be expelled, was from computer science” and i was like “Lord not again”.

That was were our struggle to impress the school authorities began, we barely had breathing space because our necks were clamped to the wood like we were about to be killed or rather slaughtered. The meetings began, prayer programs were organised, we even went as far as fasting, so that God could help us, but it was like the heavens were shut on us because even in our prayers and fasting we lacked one thing TEAM WORK, and the funny thing was we all knew we weren’t together but most of us barely cared..many of us complained but nothing changed, we were still the same people who only cared about ourselves and our grades.

Second year began, there were little changes, but we still weren’t there yet..but friends were made within ourselves, and the school authority freed us a bit i think, third year was the breaking point!! We all knew that if we needed to change anything it had to happen this year, we became close, exam tutorials began, birthday celebrations started,funny videos were made thanks to “Bomzy” and his crew, stupid jokes by our course rep “STIIGE” was the order of the day, but this moment was short because we all had to go for our Industrial training of 6months.

During the industrial training lots of beefs were cleared, we all wanted to get each other’s contacts and know how much our place of attachment was paying, we teased each other about the little salary especially those of us who never got any pay (names witheld), well..we had to come back to start our final year, the project struggle began but in all these stress we still had moments of joy,laughter and fun. Most of us assisted ourselves with our projects, and were hurt if any bad remarks was passed by our lecturers to anyone, we cared about each other’s grades, because we all wanted to GRADUATE.

Finally the spirit of team work we have been praying to God for was finally evident and God answered us!! I was happy because, my thoughts afterall was wrong…mixed feelings started setting in when we were about to write our final exams this was a family that taught me what Team work was all about, because without team work i probably won’t be writing this now.

Team work really pays, and i am happy to say that this “TEAM WORK” really paid, because we are all GRADUATES!! Thanks to you all for the memories and i wish you al the best in your endeavours, i love you guys so much!!

See pictures of my beautiful department below…..#COMPUTERSCIENCE






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