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Have you ever felt imperfect
very imperfect, like so imperfect, so so so imperfect
Maybe because of your weight
your level of attractiveness
your clothes
your interaction
That even when you love someone, you are afraid to say it
and when you do, you feel you are not good enough to be with them
you are not worth it, you tell yourself
you suck you say
No one likes you, you complain
you suck at love AND ON AND On and on it goes….
You push everyone out and when the right one comes
You get intimidated by every person that comes around “the one”
and then you slowly start picking quarrels and you tell “the one” to leave you alone
or as we commonly say “it’s over”
and then you lose “the one”
and you regret it forever
you cant walk around much because THE ONE “don’t gat your…

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One thought on “THE ONE

  1. this love issues still bothers me, what really is love? and i think jealousy is just human nature. if you geta lot of attention from someone and it stops and becomes focused elses where, its human nature to be jealous. but oh well, God is a jealous God and he loves us thats why. LOL

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