I told Tega I was really sure of my reply, all he said was

“Why do you love me?”

“I don’t know why I love you, but all I know is that I believe you will help me in my quest to understand the true meaning of love” I replied.

Our love story began…it wasn’t all rosy because we had little squabbles atimes but all these just made our love stronger, the night before his convocation I cried so much that he didn’t even have any more soothing words for me, all he kept saying was “Baby, we’ll be fine nothing is going to happen to this love that we have built”. But I knew deep down in my heart that things were going to change definitely and a cold shiver ran through my spine.

Exactly some months after Tega’s convocation, I got a call from one of Tega’s friends telling me that Tega just got engaged about to get married……Shocked, disbelief, embarrassed…I did not know which of these emotions I felt, was this the reason why Tega won’t return my calls or reply my endless text messages? All these I couldn’t answer all by myself…I needed answers and I needed them asap…I was so hysterical, I needed to speak with Tega and find out his reasons for treating me the way he did but all my efforts to reach Tega all proved futile, so I gave up.

For days and weeks I tried to forget the only man I gave my heart and soul too, he was the only one who knew how structured my body was, he knew my strong and weak points…what could have gone wrong? Did I do something to bring all these upon myself? I cried myself till I had no more strength left to cry, I stopped going for lectures and I lost a lot of weight. Just when I was about to give up on love my friend Nancy came into my room…seeing the state I was in, she shook her head and said

“Babe, you no go fit kill yourself on top one man na, you will die and he’ll still keep on living with his new wife and kid” she said

This was a bitter pill for me to swallow, but she was right…from then on I decided “Heart closed, till further notice” So I braced up amidst gossips from people who barely knew anything about my relationship with Tega….they talked based on what they heard but I cared less. Despite all that happened I was able to graduate from the university with a second class upper to the amazement of some of my friends and colleagues but I was grateful to God…..Getting a job before going for my NYSC was not really a hard task because I had a lot of connections, thanks to the “so many” friends I made back at the university, I got a job as an accountant in one of the Best banks in Nigeria…..i quickly got acquainted to my new job and made friends easily because they all had this friendly aura all over them this even made my new job more interesting for me. My boss was a woman with a lovely family, I envied her and how happy she was….but deep down I was also scared that maybe someday her husband was going to leave her with the kids and relocate to somewhere else with another woman leaving her hurt and battered…but I dismissed that thought concluding that “Nothing concern me” after all I shouldn’t see all men like that because of my past experience. One day, one of my colleagues Victoria asked me

“Tania, don’t you want to get married?” she asked

“My dear, I’m not just ready to settle down, besides men are scarce” I said

She laughed and said “Men are scarce abi you are the one who has refused to go and look for a man worth loving?”

“Well, my job won’t allow me, I just want to focus on my life right now, settling down can come later” I said with a sigh

“Okay o, I have heard you, wish you all the best” She said with a smile.

I just simply nodded my head and smiled back, apparently she barely had the slightest idea what I had been through and I was not ready to start telling her “stories that touch” so I just said nothing and continued my work…..i never knew fate was about to shine on me again.

Monday…..ahh! I hated Mondays but that Monday something awesome and life changing happened to me…..while working behind my desk engrossed in what I was doing

“Hello!” his voice was brisk and husky

“Hello” I said, still engrossed in what I was doing

“Please, I will like to open a savings account and I was directed by one of the staffs to this table” he said

“Yea, you are in the right place, please give me a minute” I said barely looking up

Minutes passed…..i almost forgot someone was waiting to be attended to until my colleague tapped me and said someone is still standing, waiting for you….I quickly looked up, GOD!!!!! This guy was hot! Well dressed, he wore a t-shirt and a jean with a well-polished shoe, so simple but I was impressed, I quickly apologized for keeping him waiting and handed him the forms he needed to fill and explained some of the important things he needed to know before filling the form and I left him to fill the form but I couldn’t stop staring at him….i had weird imaginations of having him in my arms and how great he’ll be in bed….No!! I couldn’t be going down this path again, I couldn’t be tripping or rather falling in love I had to keep my head straight, I wasn’t interested in this man I barely knew….i was still in my thoughts when the voice came again

“I am done” He said

I don’t think I heard because I said “Sorry, done with??”

He laughed and said “I’m done filling the forms of course”

I smiled and collected the forms from him and carefully cross-checked the forms to make sure he filled them properly, then he said “I’m Andrew and you are?”

“I know you are Andrew, you have already given me the forms remember?? By the way I’m Tania”

While laughing, he said “You have got a good sense of humour, I like that”

He likes what?? He was definitely flirting with me and truly I wasn’t ready but I couldn’t stop myself from playing along, I got done cross- checking the forms and directed him to another table where he could make some payments. He thanked me and left. I heaved a sigh of relief after he left, just when I was about to go back to my work…..I heard a voice “Please could I have your number? I just want to be friends nothing else”

I looked up shocked, who the hell did this guy think he was and did he think I was a hoe or what? I was so offended and said “Sorry, I’m not giving you my number”

He looked at me and said “I’m sorry, my bad” and he left.

I really felt bad when I saw him walk away but I did not care, I wasn’t ready for another bout of emotional stress, so I continued my work. Just as I was about leaving the office ready to go home, my boss called me and said she wanted me to meet someone…I tried to tell her I needed to go home because I had a family emergency but she told me it won’t take long so I followed her to her office and behold there was Andrew sitting down in one of the chairs in her office then my boss said “Victoria, I want you to meet my younger brother, Andrew”

Sorry my dear readers, i”ll conclude in my next post!! stay blessed



  1. Lmao! Tania wee jus faint! Awwww..i tink I can predict ur nxt post. Good one. Suspense filled..hehehe! I patiently await d last piece.

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