“Hey 2015……Bye 2015″…this is what some of us said at the beginning and at the end of this year. 2015 was a great year, i got my degree and moved on to serve my country yup!! yayy me (lol).

At the beginning of this year, i made a whole lot of new year resolutions which I’m not so proud to say i didn’t keep but one thing it taught me was i need to be able to be sure of my “I will…and i will not”. A whole lot of people are just like me, you know writing down your new year resolutions can be so interesting and adventurous (my opinion) but when writing them down, you need to weigh the pros and cons be sure you are going to be able to do whatever you write down and also be sure that whatever you write down doesn’t affect you in a negative way when you start or stop doing such things.

If I’m right resolutions are filled with so many I will….I will not but even before the year starts..resolutions begin to change, for instance i know a friend of mine who said “This year, i will serve God more” “i will not allow negative people around me” but my dear readers, she barely kept to her resolutions….we all need to be careful of our “I will’s” especially because they are more critical than the “I will not’s”.


Now, in some few hours time we will be entering the new year (2016) i want you to look at your resolution again, that’s if you wrote down any….scan through the whole resolution, strike out those “I will’s” and “I will not’s” you are not sure of keeping or rather doing, it’s no ones business actually…people know about your resolutions when you tell them but my advice? keep your resolutions to yourself.

Another tip that can help you in making your resolution is asking God for guidance, this is paramount….include him from the beginning to the end of your resolution because trust me keeping to your resolution is quite a hard task, but with God you will be able to keep at least 90% of your resolution even though from my little research i found out that 92% of new year’s resolution fail but the truth is it won’t fail if you go about it the right way!

So my dear readers before making that list of “I will….I will not” called new year resolution be sure you’re going to keep them and again, when you write down your resolutions do not throw them away….you can even save them in your phones and whatever gadget you have..so that you could look at it every day you wake up in the new year.

I wish you a greater 2016! Happy New Year! and God bless you!






Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day everyone!! And I want to thank you all my dear readers for always being there to check out my new posts and some even message me to ask how my blog is doing and when next I was putting up a new post and also sorry for the long suspense I put you all in during the “Confessions of a Bride to be” series lol.

Well Christmas for me this year was exciting and full of surprises, My Christmas actually started on a sober note because I cried earlier hours of the day (don’t ask me why) but after talking it over with my siblings, I felt better. And mum also made my day when she cooked pepper soup (I was really craving for it) and there was plenty “choppings”……after eating, the fam was ready to set out (not including dad and mum though, they refused to go out lol).

I went to Port-Harcourt city mall with them (my brother and sister) it was so jam-packed, I’ve never seen such crowd before but anyways we were able to scale through to the last floor where the cinema was located, I and my sis finally settled for the movie “FIFTY” we bought the tickets, but the movie was going to start like an hour later…so we decided to hang around for a while… “Fifty” was actually a great movie, but I did not really like the way it ended but it’s a movie I’ll recommend for you all to watch.

And yeah gifts?? I got just a bracelet. And then I met new people yesterday at the mall….after the whole experience, I came back home to continue my chicken and pepper soup saga. So that was all about my 2015 Christmas…..see pictures below, was unable to take pictures of the food sorry!!

So I’ll love to hear from you my dear Readers….how was your 2015 Christmas??

The Movie


The Fam xoxo



SADTongue-tied all I could do was stare….he looked nothing like my boss although I was a bit scared that he reported me to my boss and I started thinking of the consequences of my actions earlier. My thought was interrupted by his voice

“We have already met” He said

“Oh! I see that makes my work easier, Tania here is one of my best staffs and has all the qualities of a good woman, still can’t believe that she’s still single and not searching” She said amidst laughter

Still tongue-tied, I was only able to force a smile…..

“Sorry, I need to go now, have to pick my kids and prepare dinner before my husband comes back. Tania I’ll see you tomorrow and Andrew don’t forget what we discussed bye!!” She said, rushing out.

We were finally left alone, without saying a word … I was staring at this hunk, his curly black hair and his lips …Oh God! He was so hot and sexy…. I was falling again…

“Sit Down!” He said….his voice so commanding

I even forgot I have been standing all these while, I sat down still staring at this angel of “huskiness” who sat across from me. None of us said anything to each other, and I felt really uncomfortable.

A lot of time had passed and I had no idea. Suddenly his voice said again

“It’s getting dark, we should start leaving”

“Oh! Yeah we should, it was nice meeting you” I said, heading out of the office. No exchange of phone numbers or contact of any sort and I was satisfied with it, but truth is deep down I wanted to see him again at least to fantasize about him.

I went home, my only comfort zone….switched on the Tv and listened to the news, the next thing I did was have my bath, eat and went to bed with the event of the day still playing in my head.

I did not see Andrew throughout that week and my boss didn’t ask about our conversation which was such a relief, I was able to focus on my job as usual and thankfully the weekend set in…..

One sunny day, I was going to the market to get a few things because my groceries were almost finished….I waited for a long time for a “Keke” or Taxi to take me to my destination but none was forthcoming. I got tired of waiting and started walking down the road slowly…..then suddenly a Highlander jeep coming from the opposite direction passed me and stopped

“Tania!” The voice sounded so familiar, I turned around to look at the person who was calling me from the car but I couldn’t see clearly because of the sun. The car reversed and just parked beside me, winding down the glass…I bent down to see the driver and behold it was Andrew, my feet suddenly became so weak….i almost thought I was going to fall….

“And where are you going to pretty?” He said

This guy wasn’t flirting with me….

“I’m on my way to the market” I said

“Come in, I’ll drop you and if you won’t waste much time I could hang around till you are done, so I’ll drop you off” He said

“Thank you” I said while getting into the air-conditioned car.

The drive to the market was a quiet and short one…but this time I was scared of looking at him because I didn’t want him to catch me staring. We finally got to the market and I thanked him while I got down from his car, quickly bought the few things I wanted to buy and left the market

“That was quick” He said

I laughed, not even knowing Andrew was beside me. He helped me carry the things I bought to his car, he was such a gentleman but I wasn’t going to allow his soft demeanour fool me

“You saved me today, thank you” I said

“Oh! It’s nothing, anything for you” He said smiling

The drive to my home was the same as the drive to the market, the only time we spoke was when I was giving him the directions to my house.

We finally arrived at my place…..

“Hope it’s alright if I help you drop these things inside??” He said

I should have said no but I said Yes reasons unknown to me. He came in and dropped the groceries in the kitchen for me….just as he was about leaving….

“Please don’t go yet” Now what the hell was wrong with me?? Why was I telling him to wait?

He looked at me surprised…

“Just stay and keep me company, I’ll be bored if you leave” Something in me just said “YOU ARE VERY STUPID” but I ignored the voice…..He sat down and I offered him a drink, we talked and talked, I was able to learn a few things about him…the only thing we had in common was that our exes broke our hearts and nothing else…..

“Oh Tania I have to start going, I have an appointment really had a great time, now I have your number we could chat often” He said cheerily

“Thank you so much for today Andrew, expecting your call soon” I said

Leading him to the door, he turned suddenly and hugged me and all he said was “Thank you” before he left, still standing there trying to figure out what has just happened…..I was happy though but I wish he had kissed me, I was dying to taste his lips….

Weeks passed….days rolled away, yet I got no call from Andrew…I was worried, I couldn’t even summon the courage to ask my boss about his whereabouts because I didn’t want unnecessary questions. One fateful day, I got a call from a strange number

“Did you miss me??” The voice said

“Andrew! where have you been?” I exclaimed

He explained that he lost his phone after leaving my house that day, and he travelled out of the country but was able to get my number from my boss

“So when are you coming back to Nigeria?” I asked

“Soon” He said

We talked for a while before the call ended, I was so happy and relieved to hear from him. I got a surprise visit from Andrew the following week, I couldn’t hide my excitement, I hugged him and shockingly he got me gifts ranging from perfumes to a few clothes (I was surprised he knew my size” The week was totally the best one ever, Andrew always dropped by at my office to check up on me….some of my colleagues began to talk but I cared less…they were all entitled to their opinions.

The weekend came and Andrew decided to take me out on a date to a very beautiful restaurant where only the exquisite and high class people could only afford….The food was great, the soft music playing in the background just set the right mood, Andrew wasn’t really chatty this particular evening and I wondered why…while I was just on my first glass of champagne…

“I want you to be my wife, I know this sounds crazy and I know we haven’t really known each other well but you are the one I want to spend my life with” He said like he was in a haste to get it quickly off his chest

I almost choked when he said those words, all I managed to say was…

“Don’t joke with my feelings, don’t break my heart….and please if you know you’re going to do that I’ll advice you to take those words back before it’s too late”

“I Love you Tania” He said

“Marry me and discover that love you have been trying to decipher all these years”

Tears slowly ran down my cheek and I accepted his proposal without much thought…..

So here I am after a year of my marriage to Andrew, pregnant with a baby that wasn’t his…..to cut the long story short, during my wedding preparations I bumped into my first love, yes I saw Tega after so many years…..and he explained to me that his marriage was all a set up by his family and asked for my forgiveness, he knew I was engaged. I forgave him so quickly and one thing led to another we had sex……Tega is the father of my unborn child!

But I’m so confused, Tega doesn’t know I’m pregnant….but how do I tell Andrew that this baby I’m carrying isn’t his?? Andrew doesn’t deserve this….i know, because he has showered me with so much love and affection. I am in a fix…please help me. Thank you


P.s: A big thank you to my readers for being so patient all these while. God bless y’all