Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day everyone!! And I want to thank you all my dear readers for always being there to check out my new posts and some even message me to ask how my blog is doing and when next I was putting up a new post and also sorry for the long suspense I put you all in during the “Confessions of a Bride to be” series lol.

Well Christmas for me this year was exciting and full of surprises, My Christmas actually started on a sober note because I cried earlier hours of the day (don’t ask me why) but after talking it over with my siblings, I felt better. And mum also made my day when she cooked pepper soup (I was really craving for it) and there was plenty “choppings”……after eating, the fam was ready to set out (not including dad and mum though, they refused to go out lol).

I went to Port-Harcourt city mall with them (my brother and sister) it was so jam-packed, I’ve never seen such crowd before but anyways we were able to scale through to the last floor where the cinema was located, I and my sis finally settled for the movie “FIFTY” we bought the tickets, but the movie was going to start like an hour later…so we decided to hang around for a while… “Fifty” was actually a great movie, but I did not really like the way it ended but it’s a movie I’ll recommend for you all to watch.

And yeah gifts?? I got just a bracelet. And then I met new people yesterday at the mall….after the whole experience, I came back home to continue my chicken and pepper soup saga. So that was all about my 2015 Christmas…..see pictures below, was unable to take pictures of the food sorry!!

So I’ll love to hear from you my dear Readers….how was your 2015 Christmas??

The Movie


The Fam xoxo



4 thoughts on “2015 CHRISTMAS

  1. Hello! At least now I know somebody who lives in Port Harcourt.. Yay!
    I’m only there twice yearly, the beginning of the year and at the end of the year.
    I saw the fifty movie and I absolutely loved it the acting was great.

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