“Hey 2015……Bye 2015″…this is what some of us said at the beginning and at the end of this year. 2015 was a great year, i got my degree and moved on to serve my country yup!! yayy me (lol).

At the beginning of this year, i made a whole lot of new year resolutions which I’m not so proud to say i didn’t keep but one thing it taught me was i need to be able to be sure of my “I will…and i will not”. A whole lot of people are just like me, you know writing down your new year resolutions can be so interesting and adventurous (my opinion) but when writing them down, you need to weigh the pros and cons be sure you are going to be able to do whatever you write down and also be sure that whatever you write down doesn’t affect you in a negative way when you start or stop doing such things.

If I’m right resolutions are filled with so many I will….I will not but even before the year starts..resolutions begin to change, for instance i know a friend of mine who said “This year, i will serve God more” “i will not allow negative people around me” but my dear readers, she barely kept to her resolutions….we all need to be careful of our “I will’s” especially because they are more critical than the “I will not’s”.


Now, in some few hours time we will be entering the new year (2016) i want you to look at your resolution again, that’s if you wrote down any….scan through the whole resolution, strike out those “I will’s” and “I will not’s” you are not sure of keeping or rather doing, it’s no ones business actually…people know about your resolutions when you tell them but my advice? keep your resolutions to yourself.

Another tip that can help you in making your resolution is asking God for guidance, this is paramount….include him from the beginning to the end of your resolution because trust me keeping to your resolution is quite a hard task, but with God you will be able to keep at least 90% of your resolution even though from my little research i found out that 92% of new year’s resolution fail but the truth is it won’t fail if you go about it the right way!

So my dear readers before making that list of “I will….I will not” called new year resolution be sure you’re going to keep them and again, when you write down your resolutions do not throw them away….you can even save them in your phones and whatever gadget you have..so that you could look at it every day you wake up in the new year.

I wish you a greater 2016! Happy New Year! and God bless you!




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