“Papa!!!!!!!” I got up quickly, rushing towards the door outside to see my last daughter on the floor, holding her foot… She had been hurt while playing with her friends.
“Udoka, see what you have done to yourself, I’ve always told you to put on your slippers when playing outside” I said
She was crying now, i felt really sorry for her because we have been through alot together, i took her in and nursed her wound, while some of her playmates stood by the door watching her, all they said was “Ndoh Udoka you’ll be okay”
“Papa, when is mama, Ekene and Adaora coming back?”
I smiled
“Soon” I said


Ugonna was my name, i was among the lucky ones born with a silver spoon, i was intelligent, friendly and really jovial. I had a whole lot of friends from both sexes…being the only child of my parents, they spoilt me with every good thing life had to offer, but i never allowed all these to change my mindset about people who came from the middle class family… I was the type that could go to the extreme for my friends and that’s why they loved me.
When it was time for me to enter the university, it took a whole lot of convincing from my part before my parents finally agreed that i study in Nigeria, i was scared of going out of the country to a place i barely knew… I didn’t want to lose the friends I’ve made all these years. I scaled through the university successfully without any hitch… Graduated with a first class in Electrical engineering, as my graduation gift.. I got two cars, an apartment from my parents.
I moved on for my Nysc, and that was where i met Ijeoma the love of my life, we later got married 3years after Nysc, i was a blessed man with a good wife and a good job. We had three beautiful kids as the year progressed, Ekene, Adaora and Udoka (A boy and two girls), I reciprocated the love my parents showered on me to them and also taught them the “humility factor”. We lived in peace for a very long time.
Then things changed… Ijeoma my wife started keeping late nights, at first i didn’t pay much attention to it because i knew how her job schedule was, but as time went by… It became a regular thing, one of the days i questioned her about it..
“The way you talk sef, is very funny sometimes. You of all people should know how my work schedule is” She said
For peace to reign, i said nothing…finally the one that broke the camels back was when i came home one day and found no one at home, normally when i return home my kids are always around to welcome me but no one did, so i waited, thinking they were still on their way coming back from school.
“Good evening dear,how are you?” Ijeoma said as she walked in…
“Are the kids with you?” I asked
“Oh my god, i thought you would pick them from school” she said
“Jesus Christ! Ijeoma what is wrong with you?” i shouted
I quickly grabbed my car keys and rushed out, on getting to the school… I almost wept, my kids looked so tired and hungry and had obviously been crying. The gateman said he had to buy them biscuit and mineral earlier on and was also about calling the police before i came, i thanked him and gave him some money before leaving.
“My husband, I’m so sorry” Ijeoma said while kneeling down beside the bed
I had nothing to say to her, i was angry and hurt…i asked her what the actual problem was and that was when she said
“I’m dying Ugo”
Ijeoma only calls my name whenever she wants to say something serious
“You are dying how?  Please explain to me” my voice shaking with fear
Ijeoma told me she had contacted the deadliest disease, AIDS before she married me….she said just some weeks to our wedding she was gang raped while coming to my house but couldn’t tell me because she was scared I’ll cancel the marriage, she didn’t go for a proper check up and it took a long time before she finally found out that she had AIDS, i had the virus, my two kids apart from Udoka had contacted the virus… I really didn’t know what to say, i cried while hugging Ijeoma and told her, i had forgiven her….Treatments couldn’t save her or my children now, i spent all my resources on them trying to see if i could help elongate their life even though i wasn’t God.
Two years after, i lost my kids, Ekene and Adaora….Udoka was a little girl and barely had an idea about what just happened.
Ijeoma grew really old and sickly while the day progressed, just before she died, she still asked for my forgiveness and with her last breath she said
“Please tell Udoka that i love her and she should please forgive me” she smiled and gave up the ghost.
I quickly rushed out and carried Udoka like my whole life depended on her ,she was the only possession i had left and i was going to treasure her for as long as i lived. Two months after Ijeoma’s burial, i sold all my possessions apart from my two cars and moved to the house i built in the village with my daughter, Udoka. We were warmly received and my daughter quickly adapted to her new environment, made alot of friends and attended the private school my dad built for the community.

Udoka in my arms now, no longer crying but smiling sweetly…she reminded me so much of her mother.
“Do i have AIDS papa?” she asked
Startled and tongue tied all i could do was smile.



The Jack and Jill mystery

“Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water, Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill went tumbling over

I’m sure virtually everyone knows this rhyme, you remember singing it so cheerfully after the teacher taught you, not paying attention to what the rhyme really meant

well… I don’t know if I’m wrong but as the days went by… I gradually understood the mystery behind this rhyme, this rhyme depicts true friendship between two people (lol i know I’m crazy) But seriously, the little lesson i learnt from this was that true friendship is all about togetherness… “Jack fell down… Jill came tumbling over” let’s not forget that Jack was the one who broke a leg not Jill, probably Jill came tumbling over to save her friend Jack (my opinion).
True Friendship is all about caring, about love and cherishing every moment you spend with that person or people. Jill couldn’t just stand at the top of the hill watching her friend groan in pain due to the broken leg… Well the ryhme didn’t tell us about their sexes whether male or female but in my opinion, i think they were both male and female because due to a Lil research i made, Jill is a female name.

My point is if you are really a friend to someone then your actions will show it, you have to be there to pick the person up whenever the person falls, be there to encourage the person.
What inspired this writeup was the little time i spent with someone so close to my heart just this past weekend, Vera… She basically cancelled her trip because she couldn’t stand me being stranded and i really appreciated that….
So dearies, Jack and Jill were good friends.. Be like Jack and Jill

HELLO it’s me…

Hello it’s me….. you know who i am but i rather not say my name now till I’m done passing my message.
Hello it’s me…you couldn’t do without me because you thought i was the best thing that has ever happened to you…. whenever i wasn’t around you become so restless.


Hello it’s me… your favorite companion, always there beside you whenever you needed someone to talk to… you always shared your deepest secrets with me… you didn’t trust your friends so much to tell them but you trusted me
Hello it’s me….. your teacher, i taught you everything you know now, you always had questions to ask me after every lecture and i was always willing to answer them, you were my best student so i gave you a little book that would always guide you in case i left.
Hello it’s me…. your stalker, i remember how much i stalked you… from your social media to what you do within the walls of your home, you complained about it but i didn’t care, i still stalked you anyways.
Hello it’s me… your bank account (lol) whenever you were broke all you needed to do was to put a call through me and I’ll always give you something even when i had a lot of responsibility.
Hello it’s me…. your poet, i was always around to bless you with my poems… and you’ll always write them down and share them with anyone who cared to read them.
Hello it’s me… you put me out of your life because you were faced with so many roadblocks and so many heartbreaks, deceptions, betrayals… you thought i couldn’t take care of them… you thought i was too “ancient” like some of your folks perceived me to be…
Hello it’s me.. that silent whisper telling you to talk to me because i miss you and I’ve been so lonely and felt rejected by you… stopped classes because without you in my class nothing made sense…
Hello it’s me… your reflection…you were created in my image and likeness…
Hello it’s me…. It’s me God… and I’m asking you to come back to me, i was your first love, friend and companion…..
Do not ignore my plea… I love you❤                 


(This was a message i got earlier and i know it’s meant for someone reading this…so please go back to your first love… He misses you so much and his love is so real :):))
-Toks David (IG: @habibixz)


Yea I’ll just do me…. people don’t like me, i don’t care I’ll just do me… i don’t care if i stand alone, I’ll just do me… my relationship hit a dead end but nevertheless I’ll just do me… Friends stabbed me in the back, but they can all go to hell.. I’ll just do me! 


I’ll just do me because this is a New Year.  *smiles* yes 80% of people reading this said these on this day… Good decision! I love it!
But in “doing you” how are you sure that’s the best?  how are you also sure that in “doing you” wasn’t the reason why you lost your friends and also your relationship?
Okay, lemme tell you what “I’ll just do me” means. It means you’re independent, you pay no mind to whatever anyone has to say about you, you’re selfish with yourself, selfless and have the ability to make things work on your own.
Do you love this definition? or did i just make you change your mind?
“I’ll just do me” is a good but rather destroying decision… so many people have taken this decision and as a result forgot to look back at the mistakes they’re making while “doing them”…no one wants someone who doesn’t seem to bother about their opinion when given around them, i can imagine if everyone actually had this “I’ll just do me” mentality then probably we may have all been loners… but even the Bible analyzed the need why we can’t stand alone, God created the woman from the rib of man so they can fulfill his plan of “be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth” so he erased that “I’ll just do me” mentality totally out of the mind of man.
Do not get me wrong, “doing you” is a good decision..but be careful, this could either break or marr you, do not go about your “I’ll just do me” the wrong way, listen to your inner voice, take corrections and advice from people who really care…although some of the advice could be so stupid and annoying at times but trust me you will realize later on that they were afterall the best advice you ever had.
I hope this helps whoever reading this…. Happy New Year once again!