Yea I’ll just do me…. people don’t like me, i don’t care I’ll just do me… i don’t care if i stand alone, I’ll just do me… my relationship hit a dead end but nevertheless I’ll just do me… Friends stabbed me in the back, but they can all go to hell.. I’ll just do me! 


I’ll just do me because this is a New Year.  *smiles* yes 80% of people reading this said these on this day… Good decision! I love it!
But in “doing you” how are you sure that’s the best?  how are you also sure that in “doing you” wasn’t the reason why you lost your friends and also your relationship?
Okay, lemme tell you what “I’ll just do me” means. It means you’re independent, you pay no mind to whatever anyone has to say about you, you’re selfish with yourself, selfless and have the ability to make things work on your own.
Do you love this definition? or did i just make you change your mind?
“I’ll just do me” is a good but rather destroying decision… so many people have taken this decision and as a result forgot to look back at the mistakes they’re making while “doing them”…no one wants someone who doesn’t seem to bother about their opinion when given around them, i can imagine if everyone actually had this “I’ll just do me” mentality then probably we may have all been loners… but even the Bible analyzed the need why we can’t stand alone, God created the woman from the rib of man so they can fulfill his plan of “be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth” so he erased that “I’ll just do me” mentality totally out of the mind of man.
Do not get me wrong, “doing you” is a good decision..but be careful, this could either break or marr you, do not go about your “I’ll just do me” the wrong way, listen to your inner voice, take corrections and advice from people who really care…although some of the advice could be so stupid and annoying at times but trust me you will realize later on that they were afterall the best advice you ever had.
I hope this helps whoever reading this…. Happy New Year once again!


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