HELLO it’s me…

Hello it’s me….. you know who i am but i rather not say my name now till I’m done passing my message.
Hello it’s me…you couldn’t do without me because you thought i was the best thing that has ever happened to you…. whenever i wasn’t around you become so restless.


Hello it’s me… your favorite companion, always there beside you whenever you needed someone to talk to… you always shared your deepest secrets with me… you didn’t trust your friends so much to tell them but you trusted me
Hello it’s me….. your teacher, i taught you everything you know now, you always had questions to ask me after every lecture and i was always willing to answer them, you were my best student so i gave you a little book that would always guide you in case i left.
Hello it’s me…. your stalker, i remember how much i stalked you… from your social media to what you do within the walls of your home, you complained about it but i didn’t care, i still stalked you anyways.
Hello it’s me… your bank account (lol) whenever you were broke all you needed to do was to put a call through me and I’ll always give you something even when i had a lot of responsibility.
Hello it’s me…. your poet, i was always around to bless you with my poems… and you’ll always write them down and share them with anyone who cared to read them.
Hello it’s me… you put me out of your life because you were faced with so many roadblocks and so many heartbreaks, deceptions, betrayals… you thought i couldn’t take care of them… you thought i was too “ancient” like some of your folks perceived me to be…
Hello it’s me.. that silent whisper telling you to talk to me because i miss you and I’ve been so lonely and felt rejected by you… stopped classes because without you in my class nothing made sense…
Hello it’s me… your reflection…you were created in my image and likeness…
Hello it’s me…. It’s me God… and I’m asking you to come back to me, i was your first love, friend and companion…..
Do not ignore my plea… I love you❤                 


(This was a message i got earlier and i know it’s meant for someone reading this…so please go back to your first love… He misses you so much and his love is so real :):))
-Toks David (IG: @habibixz)


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