The Jack and Jill mystery

“Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water, Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill went tumbling over

I’m sure virtually everyone knows this rhyme, you remember singing it so cheerfully after the teacher taught you, not paying attention to what the rhyme really meant

well… I don’t know if I’m wrong but as the days went by… I gradually understood the mystery behind this rhyme, this rhyme depicts true friendship between two people (lol i know I’m crazy) But seriously, the little lesson i learnt from this was that true friendship is all about togetherness… “Jack fell down… Jill came tumbling over” let’s not forget that Jack was the one who broke a leg not Jill, probably Jill came tumbling over to save her friend Jack (my opinion).
True Friendship is all about caring, about love and cherishing every moment you spend with that person or people. Jill couldn’t just stand at the top of the hill watching her friend groan in pain due to the broken leg… Well the ryhme didn’t tell us about their sexes whether male or female but in my opinion, i think they were both male and female because due to a Lil research i made, Jill is a female name.

My point is if you are really a friend to someone then your actions will show it, you have to be there to pick the person up whenever the person falls, be there to encourage the person.
What inspired this writeup was the little time i spent with someone so close to my heart just this past weekend, Vera… She basically cancelled her trip because she couldn’t stand me being stranded and i really appreciated that….
So dearies, Jack and Jill were good friends.. Be like Jack and Jill


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