My Daily Life


“Aunty Princess goodmorning” and nieces will scream into my ears every morning i wake up…especially the smaller one, she’ll always spank me on my back with her tiny hands and say “Wake up” instead of getting angry I’ll just look at her and start smiling.
I wake up with so much joy in my heart, and start considering if i should go to work or not (Lazy mornings) having breakfast in the morning is not my thing, only have something in the morning when i feel like chewing something.
“Old park, old park!!” the different bus conductors from different buses would shout…that’s when it dawns on me that I’m going to work…before getting on that bus, I’ll always ask how much (i pay 40naira) because sometimes all these conductors can be really funny.
Different body odors, red sand…that’s what i have to deal with before i get to my office. On getting to my office, looking at the building alone makes me want to cry because it’s such a big building (3 Storey building) there’s an elevator in the building though, but it hasn’t been working for a while, so I’m left with my legs…. And again, my office is located at the last floor….can barely breathe by the time i get to my office, saying Good morning is like tough work because I’m still catching my breath….
Going around, saying hello to my fellow colleagues and finally settling down in the office doing nothing (government job you know) ….time goes by and suddenly it’s 12pm (lunchtime) but there’s no way I’m going down and coming up again… Let me bear the hunger biko, it’s almost 3pm.
The long awaited 3pm comes (even though the actual closing time is 4pm), it’s time for me to leave the office…quickly say my goodbyes before one of the staffs tries to keep me in the office till 4pm…
Let me not bore you with what happens after, but i know there are most people like me who go to work and not do anything and leave early even earlier than me lol.
Well as a corper this has been my daily life, so for everyone reading this….tell me about your daily life, just leave a comment below.



21 thoughts on “My Daily Life

  1. “different body odours”
    you should come to lagos and enter a bus going yo know the ancestors of body odour..btw you should have fun bae,leaving a boring life sucks while serving πŸ™‚

    1. Lol you know how much i’ve always wanted to visit Lagos, maybe when i come around we could do that bus thing…and thanks dearie, I’ll definitely have fun

  2. LOL…Nice!
    Dude, the oshodi bus is even okay sef. Just enter that big bus at mile 2 going towards Ijesha in the evening. I was going to Cele but I came down earlier ‘cos of the stench.
    As for the work aspect, I’d really love to have an office to creep into everyday. Used to work for my dad happily until I got re-drafted to help my mum in her daycare sadly. Terrible Job Description!! Thank God I’m going to school soon.
    Sorry I rambled on a bit, really loved this post!

    1. OMG what an experience you had, lol you case is really critical, and don’t you worry, you’ll soon be through with school…and definitely get a job and have an office too. Thanks for your comment πŸ™‚

  3. Currently jobless, my last job was dangerous and fun. I worked in a cancer research lab from 2pm till dusk after my lectures. I enjoyed the whole process of reacting and “cooking” chemicals (some took 2 seconds, others took 48 hours) till it became monotonous -Trying to produce the same drug. If it’s not PURE,you have to start over. I think the best part was that I didn’t get paid, *sighs* well I’m Dera, and I’m currently jobless…and happy.

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