Happy 3 years blogging anniversary


My blogging story is a bit complicated because i really don’t know what inspired me to start blogging, but i can remember vividly that i wanted to make money enough to take care of my needs… And the first thing that came to my mind was “Open a blog” i had to go online to get ideas on how to open a blog and all. So i signed up with WORDPRESS, Voila! The page opened with a welcome address from WORDPRESS, i was a bit confused because i didn’t even know how this thing works, you can even see my first post here, it’ll show you how much of a novice i was.
But gradually, i started adjusting to the blogging routine…i got so many ideas from some of the blogs i viewed, worked a bit on the appearance of my blog, got a few ideas from some of my friends who viewed my blog.
I got so addicted to blogging especially when i finished school last year, i started getting so much ideas….got alot of inspiration and wrote my stories myself and will always read it to my sister for her comments before posting it on my blog.
February 2013 was the beginning of my blogging story. And today makes it 3 years, i started blogging and I’m so happy with the feedbacks i have gotten, although i have been really lazy for a while but i know I’ll definitely improve.
Thank you all for following me in this journey, for all the comments, the likes and the follows, I’m entirely grateful. God bless you all.
And i promise to always give you all the best.
Happy 3 years blogging anniversary to TOKS DAVID!!


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