A patient’s Tale (Episode 1)


“So what’s your name?” the man sitting across me on the table asked with a straight face.
I stared at him with so much fear in my eyes…. I was scared he was going to tell the people i was running away from for the past few years were i was, so i remained silent.
“You have been silent for more than 3years now, if we are going to make progress in helping you to recuperate we have to start from somewhere. Please tell me what your name is, do not be afraid” he said
Still silent….
“Okay, let’s do it this way, My name is Doctor Alfred but just call me Alfred, and i am a therapist. This hospital is owned by my brother and i became so interested in your case after my brother told me about you, that’s why i have been seeing you for the past three years. So now tell me a little about yourself” he said with a smile….
“My name is Pe….ter and that’s everything you should know about me” I said rather sluggishly
That was the end of our conversation that day.

Doctor Alfred never stopped coming, he always brought along with him food and some clothings. Not minding the silent treatment i gave him, he’ll talk on and on about his daily life, his childhood memories and shared some jokes too. All i did was stare at him and smile…i wasn’t crazy but i couldn’t trust him to the extent of telling him my deepest secret, i couldn’t tell him i was being hunted by the ghosts from my past, it was better i remained silent…but a part of me wanted to tell him everything, he looked like a harmless guy. I made up my mind finally that i will tell him everything in his next visit.

“And how is my young friend doing today?” Doctor Alfred asked cheerfully as he walked into my hospital room.
“I’m fine” I said.
Doctor Alfred was shocked and looked at me …
“Nice improvement” was all he said.
Doctor Alfred continued with his usual stories but i said nothing…i was scared of revealing my secret, but i had to tell him today or die in silence….he was till talking when i cut him short and said
“I killed my family!!”
I noticed the fear in Doctor Alfred’s eye but i could careless, there was nothing to hide now…i had already told him what i had been carrying in my heart all these years.
“Tell me about it” he asked
I looked straight at him and said
“Just so you know, if you ever reveal what i am going to tell you to anyone, you will die just the way the rest of my family died”
Doctor Alfred looked at me speechless….

To be continued


25 thoughts on “A patient’s Tale (Episode 1)

  1. *wink… That’s it girl! Nice one. Better post the next one asap or else what Pe..ter did to his family might be …. *clears throat****

  2. Hi Toks,
    Yikes! I wasn’t expecting that confession.
    You packed this story full of suspense. Now I am worried about Dr. Alfred. 😀
    Nice story, well done!

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