A patient’s Tale (Episode 2)

img1454864712870.jpegDoctor Alfred stood up rather sluggishly but i knew he was weak, he couldn’t even look at me anymore or say a word, he just walked out.
Well i expected that reaction, after all who would want to risk their life just to save a patient or rather a stranger, i knew this would mark an end to his coming so i was prepared.
Days, weeks and months passed there was no sign of Doctor Alfred (i missed him though). I was confined to my room, i only came out when it was time to have breakfast, lunch and dinner with other patients in the dining hall. Sometimes, i’ll refuse to eat and no one would even bother to force me,or find out the reason why i rejected the meal because no one cared apart from Doctor Alfred. Silently,i prayed that he will never come back, i did not want to lose him by telling him my story.
Suicide was my next mission, i was prepared to die with my secret…at least no one would be hurt, Doctor Alfred would be saved. I started looking for means and instruments to use that will aid my suicide attempt….i got a wire that was carelessly left around by one of the electricians that came around to fix the light, i was able to get it one of the days we all walked to the dining hall for breakfast…i quickly hid it in the pocket of my hospital outfit.
Back in my room,i stared at the fan…all i needed to do was tie the wire firmly on the fan and just stand on the chair and put it round my neck and i will be gone before anyone noticed.
‘Hello Friend’
I was lost in my thought that i barely noticed when someone came into my room.
Doctor Alfred was back! I was stunned, perplexed, afraid…i was a mix of emotions. I wanted to run and hug him but my body won’t move,so i just stared.
‘I am prepared to die’ he said cheerfully
This man should be admitted into this hospital just like me,because he has gone mad, i silently thought
‘So where did we stop?’ he said, sitting down on my “suicide chair”
‘Just before you came in, i was about to commit suicide, why did you come back?’ I asked him still staring at him like I’ve just seen a ghost
He just smiled and said ‘Tell me your story Mr Peter’
Ten years ago, i was working as a manager in one of the banks (name witheld), i had all i needed in life, the salary was good, i was comfortable with everything. The only thing i lacked was a family, i was an unmarried man or like they call it a bachelor. My immediate family tried so hard to hook me up with different ladies, but all of them complained about the same thing, “i was boring and too serious” but i didn’t consider myself as being boring or too serious, rather i considered myself as not being ready for a relationship, afterall i was just 29 most of my mates were still bachelors so why hurry? But this didn’t stop ladies from flocking around me, most of them wanted something serious, the others just wanted my money or for their sexual desires to be granted.
Gradually… i turned 32, and the pressure to get married became too much especially from my mum, she always brought the issue of seeing her grandchildren before she died…i always feared for her because i wasn’t ready to lose her yet.
One fateful day, during a conference meeting between my bank and different banks…there was an argument that broke out between one of the banks and another, chaos everywhere….
‘Keep Quiet’ came the voice, soft and tough at the same time
Everywhere became still at once, that was when i noticed her, she was the most beautiful woman i had ever seen, and silently i prayed that she wasn’t married… i casted my gaze to her fingers and saw no ring, i was tremendously happy. I later found out that she was just an accountant in one of the banks, but what i couldn’t understand was how everyone kept silent after she spoke. Let me not bore you with how we started a relationship and all.
But a year after that incident, we got married …our wedding was the talk of the town, because alot of dignitaries were present. We had our first child, some months later after our wedding, it was a boy with full hair like his mum and a handsome face like me of course… “bundle of joy” was what i called him. Three years later, my wife took in and had a daughter… she had all her mum’s facial features, i loved her dearly.
I stopped talking and looked at Doctor Alfred who was looking intently at me, and said ‘Don’t expect me to tell you the name of my wife and kids’
He just smiled and said ‘Continue’
Shortly after we had our daughter, i lost my job because my bank was shut down due to some financial crisis….i searched for other job vacancies but i was not lucky, my degree and good CV became useless. After months of searching for job and getting no favorable response from any of the companies i applied to, i gave up…. my wife on the other hand gave me moral support and even helped me to search for jobs, i was grateful to have married her… thank God, she was still working, we all depended on her but she never ever tried to make me feel less about myself.
I ran into a friend during one of my job hunting escapades… his name is Femi, he was my childhood friend and coursemate in school. Femi was so happy to see me and sad at the same time when i told him, i lost my job…..he promised to help me secure a job and i should expect his call soon, so i patiently waited for his call. He kept his promise, and he invited me to his office….. i met him and he told me, i was going to work for him as his P.A which i gladly accepted at least it was better than sitting at home doing nothing. I started work immediately, Femi was kind to me and my family, he always brought gifts whenever he came visiting… my children became so fond of him.
One of the days, while i was in the office, Femi called me and told me to take his car to a particular workshop that he wanted them to fix something in the car, that i did. Weeks passed and this same act continued…i wanted to ask Femi why i always took the car to that particular workshop for fixing but i didn’t ask him, instead i was going to find out myself.
So one of the days, while coming back from the workshop, i stopped the car and opened the car bonnet, i saw a black box tightly wrapped around the car engine, i opened it and that was when i saw my death warrant “Cocaine” i was shocked, who will ever believe that Femi was doing drugs, i quickly dropped the content back into the box and closed the bonnet. I drove to the office, and gave the keys to one of the workers, i just couldn’t face Femi after seeing that content… why would he hide such a thing from me? he was supposed to be my best friend, i started ignoring his calls and refused to go to work… my wife tried to find the reason behind my refusal to go to work, but i just told her i needed rest which she didn’t believe though considering the fact that it was almost 2weeks I’ve stayed at home.
‘I cannot remember sacking you’ Femi said, while sitting down on one of the couches in my sitting room… he had come visiting.
I stared at him, without saying a word
‘If it’s something i did that you weren’t comfortable with, i am very sorry’ he said
‘It’s not what you did, but what you have been doing’ I said, looking at him with sadness in my eyes
‘I don’t understand’
So, i told him everything and how i discovered the content in his car.
‘What I’m doing is a very dangerous business, it is not something i would want to introduce you to… it involves loyalty, your life could be used as an exchange if things went wrong’ he said, looking at me intently
‘Introduce me to your business’ i said without a show of emotion
‘You must not tell anyone about this not even your wife’
And so… i joined Femi in his business, and became very prosperous….i even moved out of the rented apartment we were staying to our own house with my family, Life was good.
Then one day, Femi came to my house, sweating profusely….i looked out to check if anyone was pursuing him but saw no one, he didn’t even come with his car and i noticed he was wearing different pairs of slippers.
‘Femi what is the matter?’ i asked while trying to calm him down
‘They are after me, goddammit! they have killed my wife, I’m left with nothing’ Femi said rather hysterically
Still trying to understand what he said…
‘Your life is in danger Peter’ was the last thing i heard before the gunshots started

To be continued…

Click here to read the first episode, just in case you missed it

I am very sorry for the delay, been busy. Thanks alot for your patience xx

PS: I just turned 22 last month yippee!!



19 thoughts on “A patient’s Tale (Episode 2)

  1. I can’t believe you managed to write this within a day. It’s soooo good! Makes me wonder whether you do something akin to journalism for a living…. Nicely done Tamaratokoni 🙂

  2. You write beautifully, Toks! I remember asking why you a few weeks ago why you hadn’t posted in so long a time. Now, i’m in dire suspense and I can’t wait for the next episode. Hurry please..

  3. This is an amazing story and I know it would keep getting better.
    *fingers crossed*
    Thumbs up!!

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