A Patient’s Tale (Episode 3)

‘Damn! these dudes have messed us up, how are we going to repay the money we borrowed and lost at the same time due to the carelessness of these idiots?’ the voice sounded really frustrated and fierce at the same time

I tried to open my eyes but i couldn’t, there was this burning sensation i felt just below my rib cage, one of the bullets had hit me. The men kept talking, they obviously thought i was dead, but what about Femi? Did the bullet kill him? I couldn’t tell… i decided to shut my eyes till i could hear their voices no more.

Minutes passed, i was loosing blood and getting weak but i tried to be strong and wait for this men to leave my house… they were looking for something because i heard, doors in the house being opened and closed, i silently prayed my wife and kids won’t come back home at least not yet.

‘Let’s go, the file is not here’ a voice said

What file were they talking about? footsteps approached me, and i felt a kick just were i had been shut, i had to stop myself from making a sound or they’ll discover, i was still alive….

‘Rest in peace Bastard!’ that was the last thing i heard before passing out again….
‘Peter! no my love please stay with me please…. think of our kids, I’m pregnant… another baby is on the way, you can’t leave me now’ this was definitely my wife’s voice, she was crying profusely…there was someone else with her but i couldn’t tell who it was..

I tried to open my eyes but i couldn’t they felt so heavy… i wanted to tell her i was fine and i wasn’t going to die but all i could do at that moment was try to move my hand….
‘He’s alive, oh thank God! please doctor take a look at him’ my wife said excitedly

‘He lost a lot of blood we need to start a blood transfusion on him, I’ll go and check our blood bank so the transfusion can commence, and he needs lots of rest as well’ the doctor said

After the doctor left, i could feel my wife’s hand caressing my forehead all she kept saying was ‘You’ll be fine my darling’
I really don’t know how long i was in the hospital but on waking up, i saw my wife sitting down beside me with tears in her eyes, i tried sitting up but i couldn’t because i was so weak….

‘Peter, our kids are dead!’

‘What???’ i screamed

‘How did you get us into this mess?’ she asked

‘I am so so sorry’

‘Tell me now! I want to know everything!’ she was screaming now
Then i told her everything, i told her i don’t know what went wrong, my wife just sat there staring at me and shaking her head.
‘They killed Femi and his wife, our kids and my sister with whom they were with, Peter why?’ she started crying again

I tried to console her but i was weak
‘They left a note saying, they’ll be back for the file, and i shouldn’t bother going to the police’ she said

I was speechless and confused

‘Let me go and speak with the doctor, and find out when you will be discharged’ she said, getting up
After she left, i turned to the wall and cried profusely like a baby, however my tears were brought to an abrupt halt as i heard gunshots in the hallway, i tried to stand up but my legs still failed me, i was still struggling when…
‘Peter, they are here!’ my wife stood at the door covered in blood

Seeing her in that state gave me an unusual energy, i quickly got up and rushed to her… but on getting there another gunshot was fired and it hit my wife from behind piercing through her stomach
‘Femi run please forget about me, i won’t be able to make it, i forgive you and i love you so much…’

I watched my wife die in my arms, i couldn’t even cry or better still there was no time to cry because i heard footsteps fast approaching to where i was, i looked around and noticed that one of the windows had no burglary proof on them…i quickly got up and with one last look at my wife, i jumped out through the window.

I was a man without no family and no friends, i had lost everything within weeks….I could feel the stares from people as i walked down the street but i didn’t pay attention to it, i needed to find solace as soon as possible before these people are able to locate me… but who can i run to?

I was looking like a mad man, still on the hospital wear given to me, with blood stains all over them… i even tried begging for money just so i could buy something to eat but everyone that i begged turned me down, i was on my own.

All i did was roam the streets seeking help from people i barely knew… i was walking down the road one day when i saw the sign post of this hospital and i found out it was a charity organization. This was the best place for me to hide, at least they’ll take care of me properly, i decided not to say a word to anyone but only tell them my name, afterall my appearance gave them the answers they would ever need…. that was how i ended up here. That is my story satisfied?

‘Quite a sad and interesting story’ Doctor Alfred said standing up

Facing the wall, the next thing i heard was what shocked me
‘You think you are smart Yea? i knew you weren’t dead when i shot you but i allowed you to leave hoping you would correct your friend’s mistake by giving us that file but i can see that you are a fool’

I turned to see who was speaking, lo and behold it was Doctor Alfred with a gun in his hand aiming at me

‘Now, for the last time where is the file?’

I was speechless, then the same gunshot i heard repeated itself again but this time the other way round, i shut my eyes believing the bullet was going to pierce my skin any moment from now and i would feel the pain but i felt nothing just silence…. i opened my eyes to see Doctor Alfred lying in the pool of his own blood.

Who shot him? I didn’t see anybody, i opened the door and with one last look at Doctor Alfred i set out…. searching for answers, hoping I’ll find what i seek for…


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16 thoughts on “A Patient’s Tale (Episode 3)

  1. Wow this is so touching! Peter lost everything bc he lacks patience (He couldn’t wait for God). What a pity! Great work Toks!

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