Beauty on Rubbish

So today after my CDS, i sat down with a few friends gisting and all, we decided to hang out in a ‘buka’ and on getting there they all rushed for the plastic table and sat down quickly on the chairs, I was left with the bench lol but the bench was a table, so i had to get a plastic chair to sit on.
While sitting there, I suddenly felt sorry for the poor bench because everyone chose the plastic table over it and while sitting there, I likened this bench to some of us, people do not consider us to be useful or do not see anything good coming out of us this also happened in the Bible too
“Can any good thing come out of Nazareth?-John 1:46”
And we all know the rest of the story…. I’m here to tell everyone of us that most people consider as “rubbish” that something beautiful could come out of you, let me give you a tip: Whenever people tend to make you feel less of yourself, just remind them that you are God’s creation and you were created in his image and likeness
And good news! Something good came out of my bench, here it is:

It’s beautiful isn’t it?? I hope this post was able to cheer someone up? Thanks for following me on this journey xx

Bag: From a boutique in Port Harcourt
Shades: PoshKollect


10 thoughts on “Beauty on Rubbish

  1. That bag is to die for! I don’t wear shades except for my nerdy reading glasses…
    The message? It was fantabulous!(OK that doesn’t exist but to me its a word). Its more like beauty in ashes…

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