My “Beggars” Experience

It’s another day to thank God for making it possible for you to be alive. This post is going to be about something that i wanted to actually put up on the blog a long time ago, but first let me ask a question: When you see a begger or someone who’s handicapped, do you give them money or you just ignore them?
Think carefully before posting your answers in the comment box.


While growing up, i use to see my dad or mum driving on highways and most times when there’s traffic, i see alot of beggars using that opportunity to move from one car to another begging for alms and most of the time, i see people give them money including my parents.
But as i grew up, that changed….
Let me share an experience:
There was a day, together with my siblings and parents we were traveling, and while we were going we got delayed by this really crazy traffic. I noticed a particular begger who was just begging for alms from people driving expensive cars,  the taxis and buses were left out, then it was our turn for him to beg us for alms. My mum brought out a 50naira note to give to the begger, but just as she was about to wind down the glass to give the beggar the money, my dad said something that made me laugh. This is what he said
“Don’t tell me you are going to give the money to him, because most of them are really not beggars, while the rest actually use the money they get from people for ritual purposes”
I was shocked and it also sounded funny to me.
But this saying has stuck with me all these years… I don’t give beggars money and I’m sure I’m not the only one that does this. Well…truth is I’m scared! And again I’ve heard alot of stories about these beggars, i really don’t want to be a victim.
So yeah… I’ve finally let it all out, so please I’ll love to know your experience with beggars and also if you share the same views with my dad, just leave a comment in the comment box below. Have a great weekend xx



23 thoughts on “My “Beggars” Experience

  1. My was funny and annoying at the same time. There was this beggar that I always saw on my way out but never bothered giving him anything. So on this day, on my way out, I saw the same guy again and decided to be magnanimous for once and gave the guy #200. I felt good about what I had just done and how much it meant to the guy.He could not stop saying thank you that I wondered why I had ignored him. But I soon found out why. On my way back that day,I decided to pass a shorter route because I was just to tired. Guess who I saw by a road side joint smoking and drinking… my beggar friend . I was so pissed that I walked to him and said “so this is what you do with all the money you beg for in the morning abi. If they born you well o,lemme see you in my area again .I turned and left the guy speechless. And that was the last I saw. So I stopped giving them beggars money .Sometimes I do though when my spirit feels I should..

      1. I was I must confess…But I just felt sorry for the ones who genuinely needs help…Because experiences like this and other numerous ones will stop people from helping the ones who really need help….

  2. I have heard a lot of stories about beggars this and that but I still give, some of them truly need our help, if am suspicious of the beggar I just stylishly drop the money on the floor, it’s hard not to give them especially the handicapped ones knowing how painful their life is

  3. Personally I give despite the stories. Heard one about a woman who disappeared on her wedding day immediately after giving the begger the money, then she appeared somewhere else and he forced her to marry him blabla. Scared me when I was younger but I still gave, selectively lol.
    Now that I’m older, I string believe since God gave the directive no one should be able to use it against me. So yeah I sure give

  4. Mine is about this young boy who came to my mum’s shop one evening to remind her that she promised him money while she was going to buy fuel that afternoon, my mum tried to send him away cos normally, she really doesn’t give some beggars money except by instinct. But we had this customer who called him and asked why he can’t start doing something to help himself, he went on to narrate how he wants to start selling sachet water but doesn’t have money to get a container, this man gave him 400naira and urged him to go get a container and start selling water plus extra 100naira for him to buy bread and eat.
    Some weeks later, my cousin and I were at my aunt’s place when this same boy came to beg again, as soon as we indicated that we recognised him, he ran away. Personally, I don’t give beggars money except I feel a burden in my heart to do so.

  5. It’s okay to give them money but don’t make it a habit. Also, some of them pretend but not quite sure of the ritual aspects although I’ve heard stories about that.

  6. I find it hard to give beggars money because one day you see them begging, the next you see them gambling or smoking. Some don’t even have disabilities but still choose to beg. Fine, the economy is bad but then again, there are other things to do asides begging. I’ve heard of blind photographers and others of such.

  7. I’m just indifferent about it. My mom encourages giving, but not necessarily giving to beggars because you do not know “who is who”. My dad is totally against the whole idea, in fact there was one time he dropped me at the park, as he turned to leave he saw me giving a beggar boy money, he was very furious at me. since then I use my discretions in giving.
    There are some category of supposed beggars who I think we shouldn’t give money, they are the people who use pictures of sick and pathetic children to beg, those who sit in one place, pretending to be helpless, those who move from place to place begging, and those who use their children to seek for other people’s sympathy and money. All these category of people are able-bodied men and women who have good hands and legs, but are too lazy to work. Even the bible supports it that ” A lazy man (woman) will not eat”.
    Finally if we feel the urge to give (since alm giving is now dangerous) there are other ways we can channel our money to like the motherless Babies’ home, Lepers colony, and other people around us that needs our help genuinely.By doing this our lives and finances will be secured just as we get blessed in return.

  8. This is a very interesting post. I grew up in the Philippines and seeing beggars is not a new thing to me. I don’t give money to them as well because I know most of them are used by drug pushers, or they work for gangs 😦 Since moving to America, I thought it would be different–but not so much in a sense that some beggars are only begging to get money and not because they have no other choice. One time, I gave food to a beggar–FRESH and from a restaurant–I wanted to eat it myself but I gave it to him. He THREW it away 😦 Also, I’ve seen so a beggar with a cellphone and an iPod… strange. So yeah I don’t give..

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