The STRAY Child


“Mummy please stay with me….I need you in my life, I’m not ready to be an orphan” I said amidst sobs
“Do not worry my child, I’ll never leave you….whenever you want to speak with me search deep within you….and you will find me” she said with a smile on her face as she drew her last breath….

It’s been three years since I lost my mum, I barely had vivid memories of my dad. My mum told me he died after I turned 3years…..

Standing at the roadside with my “clique” it’s another night and money has to be made. I do not lack money or good clothes but my greedy spirit is at work….I desire more…..

Smirking my lips at the bundle of money in my hand, this would go along way….looking up at my customer…I saw thirst still in his eyes, but we had an agreement…1hr and nothing more!

What is Aids? I barely knew what that was….and I didn’t bother to find out about it. I was healthy since I rarely fell ill…

Reminiscing….while in this sick bed, looking up at heaven, knowing I should have talked to mum before taking any decision in my life.



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