Hey there!!!
I’m really so sorry…for leaving you all like this, but I needed to take a break..and trust me the break helped, been up to a whole lot of things.

PS: My nysc days are gradually coming to an end with mixed feelings.
While I was on that break, I really had to take out time to focus on my blog necessities…I do not want my blog to be messy or boring either and going through some blogs, I was able to achieve my aim.
I’m going to be starting a series soon, so Anticipate…because it’s going to be different and thrilling.
Also lately I’ve fallen in love with the VSCO cam, I do not regret installing this app.
And I’ll be letting my phone of two years go…ever since the screen got bad, it has never been the same but trust me, my phone is the real MVP…the battery is strong, I also use it most times to take great pictures…that’s why letting it go is tough for me, I might just end up changing the screen and continue using it when a new one comes,it’s a NOKIA X …below are a few pictures I took with my phone, you could see more on my Instagram page @toks_david



And thanks to everyone following my blog, even all through my silence…I got comments, likes and followers as well. I’m totally grateful, also if you have great tips that would help my blog, please do not fail to leave a comment below.
So….what did I miss??