“Ade!! Ade!!” I screamed 

Running frantically trying to catch up with the shadow ahead of me, I could swear that was Ade right in front of me. But why was he running??
I couldn’t stop running, I was panting heavily… I tried to keep up but he was faster…
“Toke, wake up!” My mum shook me vigorously
“You’re having nightmares again” She said
Rubbing my eyes, still trying to understand what that dream meant
“This was different mum” I said
“We need to see Pastor Femi this time, all these nightmares has to stop” my mum said with a stern look on her face
“I’ll be fine ma” I said, looking at the wall clock, it was just 2am in the morning.
I have been having nightmares ever since I almost got kidnapped on my way back from the market, I had gone there to get some groceries from my mum when a group of guys stopped me to ask for direction to the post office, they weren’t familiar with the area so I had to guide them which was stupid of me but thank God at that time, I bumped into my friend Osaretin who insisted I join her to the market. That was when i noticed these guys had ulterior motives because they suddenly said they weren’t going again to the post office, thanked me and walked away hurriedly. Kidnapping was rampant at that time and i heard different stories of how alot of people were being taken as hostages.

“Your daughter has a spiritual problem” Pastor Femi said
My mother had finally succeeded in dragging me along with her to a church I didn’t vibe with at all, but she’s my mum what could I possibly do??
I rolled my eyes after he said this, I knew there was nothing wrong with me. It was just fear that beclouded my thoughts and dreams.
“Yeee! Pastor ṣãnu fun mi (have mercy on me) she’s my only daughter and the Apple of my eyes” my mum said with tears streaming down her face
I tried so hard not to laugh because this was a freak show to me
“Do not cry ma, there’s nothing God cannot do. We’ll have to embark on a 7days fasting from 6am-3pm, we’ll break together here in church” He said
While he prayed, I had already decided that I wasn’t going to fast or pray either.

“Ade! Ade!, where has this boy gone to again? He never stays at home” my mum said sitting down on the only living couch we had at home

Ade, is my senior brother. Who rounded up his service 2years ago but couldn’t secure a job and so he resorted to drinking and gambling, he practically became useless. We barely talked much but whenever we did, it was an entirely different feeling. He was clearly the only one who understood me after my dad passed on, one thing i failed at was stopping my brother’s drinking habit.

“Toke, I hope you heard all that the pastor said? We’ll start the fasting tomorrow” my mum said as she brought out the prayer book Pastor Femi gave her, the title of the book was “WAR AGAINST NIGHTMARE PRINCIPALITIES”
I was clearly going into the battlefield without an armor or sword, I giggled at the thought of this
“What is funny? I hope you’re not taking this matter lightly because you must be delivered from whatever spirit that is disturbing you Oni dojuti mi (don’t put me in shame)” she said looking at me like I was possessed
“Ok ma” was all I said as I went into my room to ponder on the dream I had about my brother earlier

Shortly as I closed my eyes, trying to get a little sleep, I heard my mum’s voice in the palor I couldn’t really hear her but she kept saying “Where? When? Egba mi O (Help me)”
I ran to the palor, and met my brother’s friend Femi with my mum who was now crying profusely
“What happened?” I asked Femi
“It’s your brother Ade, we were all together playing draft when he told us that he wanted to use the restroom. We didn’t see him after some mins and decided to go and check, only for us to see his clothings right in front of the rest room. We searched and searched but we couldn’t find Ade” Femi said
I didn’t even hear the last statement before I fainted.

24 thoughts on “LOST

  1. Wow! So the dream was a fore warning?!… But why are African mothers so dramatic though… lol.
    Nice one Dear. Please tell me it doesn’t end there o! I want to know what happened to Ade o!

  2. Ah!!!!! He ran Mad??? That’s not fair na…………She wasn’t warned enough!

    Nice Story!!!! When is the next episode coming out?

  3. The thought of ADE running mad will be a nice way of ending the story…

    What if ADE also consulted the gods and he was asked to dance naked round the market square (SMH; nollywood kinda thing)…. Thinking out loud…
    Nice write up.. Patiently waiting for the next episode…

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