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I met Adeola for the first time when he was 8 years old, he was a happy child and could make you smile within a minute. He had this beautiful large and bright eyes, I always allowed myself to drown in them when I look at him.

“You’re a very useless woman, and nothing good would ever come out of you” this was Adenike’s mother in law cussing her out again.
Adenike was a friend and my neighbour, she and her husband moved into a big mansion just opposite my house, I later got to understand that it was a gift from her father in law which she wasn’t comfortable with; but had to accept.
We spoke for the first time, while I was driving out one day and she was doing same as well. She was so full of life and we clicked immediately, every other Saturday was spent with her; I’ll go to hers sometimes and she’ll come to mine. Her husband was barely around because he was a field worker.
Christmas came, and I barely saw my friend; so, I decided to check in…that was when I heard raised voices and I kept wondering what could have gone wrong. I decided to back away from the door and her house, but I couldn’t… that was when I heard Adenike’s voice:
‘Mama, please I have tolerated you and your baggage enough, you’ll have to leave my house tomorrow after-all your son isn’t around at the moment; you can come when he’s back. I’m not God that gives children” her voice was like a broken record, I could tell that she was crying.
I couldn’t just stand there, so I knocked but when I didn’t get any response, I knocked again and this time it was Adenike that came to open it. I hugged her tight and tried to calm her down, that was when she broke down on my shoulders. I took her to my apartment, after she had calmed down, she told me that she had been married for over 3years without a child and it had been a great issue for them both, they were medically okay but why the kids were not forthcoming was something they could not phantom. She had gone everywhere she could think of, church, spiritual houses, mosques etc but all they gained was ripping off her hard earned resources with no solution.
I advised her on IVF but she debunked the idea and said she couldn’t carry someone else’s seed if it wasn’t her husband, but I ended up explaining the whole concept of an IVF and she finally accepted and promised to discuss it with her husband.

3months down the lane, my friend walked around with her little baby bump with so much happiness and inner glow. I always accompanied her to buy baby things and the rest, she ordered online with my assistance as well. Her husband was really supportive and most times took casual leave just to be by his wife’s side, he was agitated as well at the thought of being a father.

Labour day arrived and I was in the hospital with my friend as she writhed in pain and tried pushing on her own but was warned by the doctor that it wasn’t time yet, and induced her with anaesthetics. The time arrived, and my friend was rushed to the theatre along with her husband who held her hand all through.
“I’m now a Father!” He came out with his hands in the air laughing and crying at the same time.
My friend’s delivery had been successful and I couldn’t wait to see her and the baby.
“Hello Sir, please can I see you for a minute?” It was the doctor’s voice beckoning on Adenike’s husband.


Thank you all for staying with me through this journey even when i fall short of your expectations. God bless you! I promise to keep giving you the best content.💗❤️


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