Bloody Land


Ndune was a peaceful land with beautiful scenery and a good weather, the sun was never too hot it had just the right temperature and shone brightly….giving colours to everything that existed below it. The people of the land were great farmers and would share the proceeds from their farms with each other, everyone was happy and lived peacefully.

But this happiness was short-lived, the king died suddenly of a strange ailment and it was as if the light bringer to the land of Ndune had been replaced with darkness. The land was in mourning and no one ate or drank, everyone was instructed to wear sack clothes and pour ashes on their heads and also to speak to no one not even their spouses.

The king had two sons T’challa and Wakabi, the former was the oldest. They were both valiant men, strong and swift in battle. T’challa was to be crowned king on the next market day but his brother was unhappy of this, he was a better warrior than T’challa so he should be crowned instead his reason being that if war ensued, T’challa would be unable to defeat their enemies. T’challa was unaware of his brother’s plan to murder him and take the throne,as well as the bribes the king makers took from him.A maiden who loved him secretly knew about it because her father was one of the kingmakers who refused the bribe Wakabi brought to him. She informed T’challa about this, and they both fled the village at his request, Wakabi was elated when he heard that his brother had ran away and resumed leadership immediately.

Wakabi ruled the land of Ndune with such wickedness and zero tolerance for mercy. He took maidens against their will, raped and had them jailed in his prison and the ones he found worthy? He married them. He reaped where he did not sow, took the lands of his subjects and their proceeds as well, anyone who dared to oppose him was killed instantly, he refused to adhere to the advice and warnings of the elders and ruled as he pleased.

One day, Wakabi was taking a walk around the village and met this damsel who was coming from the stream with a water pot on her head and immediately approached her. She was so beautiful and she pleased him, he beckoned on her to come and she did, after much enquiries, he told her he wanted to make her his queen but she objected and made attempts to flee but was stopped by Wakabi’s men who held her down on his instruction and he raped her along with his men till she died. Her body was thrown in the bushes and left there, unknown to them a man who was obeying the call of nature saw them and proceeded to where the body was dumped and noticed that the bracelet on the damsel’s arm was for the people of Adali.

On getting there, he told them all that happened. She was the daughter of the king of Adali, she had been instructed to go and fetch from the stream of Ndule so her brother Zuri could get well before she met her death. The king was shattered and heartbroken, he couldn’t eat or drink for days… he swore to get Wakabi and devised a means with his elders on what to do.

Wakabi unaware of what his actions would cost him, continued to rule. Zuri the brother of the damsel died few days later, he got to know about his sister’s death and blamed himself for it, the medicine man was unable to save him. The king of Adali was left broken and alone, he vowed to make Wakabi pay. The men of Adali were summoned and ordered to go into the land of Ndule and destroy every living and non-living thing. They set out at night and came to the land of Ndule, destroying their farms and crops then left. The people of Ndule woke up to a thick black smoke surrounding the whole village, their farms and crops were destroyed nothing was left. They began to ask themselves who had attacked them at night, but none could think of anyone because they were peaceful. Wakabi heard about this, and was so angry, he inquired from the chief priest and was told that it was as a result of the atrocity he commited some days back but was not given details. Wakabi went back to his house pondering on what the chief priest had said and all he could think of was the virgin girl he raped and killed some days ago, but who was she? He thought.

The king of Adali was not satisfied with what happened, he wanted more.  His blood boiled whenever he thought about what Wakabi had done to his precious daughter and so he gave orders to his men to go into the land of Ndune and kill everyone, not sparing anyone not even a  new born baby. His men set out to the land of Ndune and began their assignment, word spread out quickly to Wakabi that people were being murdered, Wakabi immediately ordered his own men to go out and fight…a war broke out almost immediately.

T’challa who was now ruling the people of Jabari with the maiden who was now his wife, heard about all that had befallen the Land of Ndune broke down in tears and wept. He decided to meet the King of Adali and beg for mercy even if it would cost him his own life. T’challa arrived Adali the next day, no one knowing who he was or where he came from. He was led to the king and paid obeisance, after a few more pleasantries, T’challa revealed himself to the king and told him everything. He begged the king to have mercy on his brother Wakabi and not punish innocent people because of his crime, the king agreed but with the condition that Wakabi be banished and dethroned as king. T’challa promised to bring Wakabi to his knees.

T’challa and his men set out to the land of Ndune, people were surprised and excited to see him but it was not so with Wakabi, he cursed and cursed immediately he saw T’challa. He was immediately struck blind by the gods of the land, and begged T’challa to forgive him but it was already late as he ordered his men to lead him out of the village, he was banished.

T’challa assumed leadership over the land of Ndune and it was said that Wakabi regained his sight after he was banished but on realizing that he had lost the battle, committed suicide almost immediately.

Note to my readers: While writing this post, all i had stored up in my head was Nigeria. I wanted to bring our current situation into play, although this doesn’t explain half of what we are going through as a nation and people but this also depicts our failed political system, the killings in Jos, Plateau and several other issues. So, please do not read this with a lackadaisical attitude but read it with depth and understanding. And just as this story ended on a happy note, i pray and hope that one day that would be our story! God helping us.

14 thoughts on “Bloody Land

  1. It is a good story and do enjoy every flow of it.

    I don’t like the idea of T’challa running off and ended up ruling the people of Jabari. Many years could have passed before he heard about the war between Ndune and Adali. Something could have been done before then and yet he couldn’t do anything until there was a brutal war between the two lands.

    In Nigeria, it doesn’t look/feel like anyone up there is willing to change anything, politics doesn’t change things, it eat things, including people.

    Just because we need better in Nigeria doesn’t mean they are just going to look at us all fight for us and change things, sometimes we have to fight for our right. I don’t mean physical fights, I mean voting them out when we can.

    1. Thank you!

      Sometimes fear is the only factor that stops us from speaking out, that was why Fela said something about “Suffering and smiling”. We need people who can speak up for change and i do hope that someday soon we would have such a person. Your comment means alot to me, i’m grateful

      1. Well spoken… Then again,it felt like I was watching black panther all over…lol. Nice job Princess

  2. Nice read! I love how relatable it is.. Had mad imagery.. Pictured every scene in my head.. Well delivered 👏

  3. Amen to our prayers concerning Nigeria. But we all know it’s beyond prayers, we need to get involved too..

    Beautiful post, my dear.
    Keep at it!

  4. All hail KING T’CHALLA 😎🙌🏽 …….Great Concept TOKS…..The World Really Needs More People That Can Spread Positive Vibes.

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