2017…..Yay or Nay?

Hello there…..!!

Happy new year once again, and this is going to be my first post for the year. 10 days gone already, just like that! Wawuuuu…how has it been for you? Truthfully, I was confused at the beginning of this year, I didn’t set any goal but thanks to my Pastor, a flyer was shared in church and at the back of it there was some guidelines on how to set your goals (wasn’t really a guideline per say but it guided me)

2017 so far for me has been amazing! And I pray it continues that way, I was finally able to set my goals (I did it in church, shh!!) and God has been my strength, I’ll definitely share them with you guys but that would be at the end of the year.

For the first time, I actually went for a bloggers hangout with Tonye Igbani and The black writer, it was so much fun!! You can check here and here for the whole gist! I learnt a whole lot from them and I am definitely going to put what I learnt into use. Here are some of the pictures we took:

I’ll be starting a series soon!! (Wait for it!) , but I have got big plans for my blog and I hope they all come to pass. I’ll rate my 2017 so far …6/10

Please I’ll love to hear from you, how has your 2017 been for you? (I know we’re still in the first month) Is it a yay or Nay?

A big thank you to all my readers! I won’t have come this far if not for your loyalty, till next time xx



Sister Ngozi walked in majestically unaware of the hateful eyes staring at her, all wishing they could be as beautiful, elegant and graceful as she was….she had such a good voice that could melt the heart of whoever cared to listen to her, that explains why she was given the solo lead for every song we sang.Her passion for serving God was seen in her dedication, still unmarried she looked unperturbed. I made her my mentor, since I was still growing in the singing ministry, she was always willing to help and would tap me on my shoulders when I was trying to jump into the off-key zone. But one thing I noticed about her was that she was very secretive, atimes I felt our friendship meant nothing to her, she practically knew everything about me but I barely knew where she was living or who her relatives were…..she was always the last to leave rehearsals, so I barely had time to discuss with her…since I had to rush home because I lived quite far.

She turned down so many suitors, even from the choir…there was a rumor going about one time that even our Choir master, Brother Kelvin asked her to marry him but she refused. Like seriously who in their right state of mind would want to turn down his proposal? He was handsome, god fearing and above all could sing! A lot of females wanted him for themselves but he only had eyes for Sister Ngozi, this made her get a lot of haters and admirers all the same, but she barely noticed.

I got tired of her not seeing me worthy enough to give me details about her personal life, so I decided to meddle in even without invitation or permission. One fateful day, I stayed behind while everyone left and I hid behind the church bookshop and waited for sister Ngozi to come out, she eventually came out after a long time. I slowly followed her, thankfully her destination was close by so I didn’t have to trek for a long time, she finally stopped at a gate and knocked….a little boy about the age of 6 came to open the gate and with a cheerful face he screamed “Mummy has come back! What did you buy for me and Ebere?” He said jumping up and down 

She laughed and said “Let’s go in first sweetheart, and I’ll give you what I bought. Hope grandma took good care of you and my little princess?” She said closing the gate behind her.

I stood far afar off, watching this drama unfolded before me….I needed more answers, so I walked slowly to the gate and knocked…..

All I saw was a person confused, full of secrets, regrets and hatred right in front of me as the gate opened.  
PS: This is a fictional story ❤️



Friendship, a common word which has a different meaning to different people. But really, the power of friendship can never be underestimated, I end with this quote from my humble self

A simple “Hi”
Could change your day
A simple reply
Could change your entire life
A simple warmth
Could melt the “iceberged” heart
A simple friendship
Could be all you need in life
        -Toks David

Make a friend today. HAPPY NEW MONTH and do have a great day. Do not forget to follow my blog page on Instagram @toks_david

Dedicating this post to my friend Peter, it’s his birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear



My new friend


  • “Lizzy!” my mum called from the basement
    “Mum! I’m coming” I ran quickly to meet her forgetting i wasn’t wearing my slippers
    “Please, i need you to go down the street and get me a screw driver from Mrs Martins” she said not looking at me
    Thank God she didn’t look at me, if not she would have realized i wasn’t wearing my slippers, she really hated that.
    I left her there and quickly put on my slippers and rushed out. Walking down the street, waving to a few people i knew neighbors as we usually call them…. I was getting close to Mrs Martins house, just then i saw a girl a bit a taller than i was i guess because she had long legs which i noticed and a black kinky hair, sitting on the pavement sobbing… I ignored her and continued walking but her sobs stopped me from moving a step further, so i went back and sat beside her… She didn’t notice because her head was lowered, i kept asking myself what i was doing here instead of going to Mrs Martin’s house to get the screwdriver for my mum.
    “Hello” I finally said
    She finally looked up, her eyes were already sore from crying, she was really beautiful from what i could see but hardship had disfigured her into a walking dead, she said nothing just lowered her head and continued crying.
    She didn’t want to talk to me or anyone, so i stood up and started walking to Mrs Martin’s house
    “Please wait” i turned and looked, the voice belonged to the girl, i felt really sorry for her and went back to sit down beside her
    “I ran away from home, because my mum wants me no more. She blames me for everything and that I’m the reason my dad left her, that my dad never wanted a girl but a boy. She couldn’t take in again because her womb was damaged because of an infection, so my dad left us” she said with tears welled up in her eyes
    I didn’t know what to tell Her because i also came from a broken home, my mum and dad got divorced after my mum caught my dad cheating but i couldn’t go into details
    “I’ll take you to my mum, just don’t leave here, I’ll be right back” i said getting up
    I rushed over to Mrs martin’s house and got the screwdriver and took along with me the girl.
    “What took you so long Lizzy?” my mum asked when i got to the basement
    Just then she noticed a figure behind me and lowering her voice she asked
    “Who is she? What’s her name? Who are her parents?”
    “Mum slow down, first of all i forgot to ask her about her name but she needs help” i said
    My mum willingly accepted her, i later found out that her name is Mabel, she told my mum everything and mum promised to take her back to her mum the next day, she retaliated though but my mum told her that she’ll have no reason to run away from home again. The next day finally arrived, we all rode down to Mabel’s house, after the bell rang a woman with so much resemblance with Mabel opened the door with bloodshot eyes. She looked at Mabel and started sobbing, my mum took her in… the house was a mess, she had been drinking. My mum and i cleaned up the entire house and my mum finally sat Mabel’s mum down and also told her, about her own marriage and promised to help her get a job.
    After hearing the words of encouragement from my mum, her countenance changed and she asked Mabel to forgive her, and promised to give her a better life. We left them to catch up. On our way back home…..
    “I’m so proud of you Lizzy” my mum said with a smile on our face.
    I was so happy that i was able to help someone.
    A few weeks later, Mabel and her mum came over to our place to thank us, Mabel looked transformed and i could see she was happier now, i felt a sense of satisfaction. That was how the friendship started between both families.
    I got to go now guys, I’m supposed to meet Mabel at the mall. Always learn to help people no matter how small. Much love xx