Sister Ngozi walked in majestically unaware of the hateful eyes staring at her, all wishing they could be as beautiful, elegant and graceful as she was….she had such a good voice that could melt the heart of whoever cared to listen to her, that explains why she was given the solo lead for every song we sang.Her passion for serving God was seen in her dedication, still unmarried she looked unperturbed. I made her my mentor, since I was still growing in the singing ministry, she was always willing to help and would tap me on my shoulders when I was trying to jump into the off-key zone. But one thing I noticed about her was that she was very secretive, atimes I felt our friendship meant nothing to her, she practically knew everything about me but I barely knew where she was living or who her relatives were…..she was always the last to leave rehearsals, so I barely had time to discuss with her…since I had to rush home because I lived quite far.

She turned down so many suitors, even from the choir…there was a rumor going about one time that even our Choir master, Brother Kelvin asked her to marry him but she refused. Like seriously who in their right state of mind would want to turn down his proposal? He was handsome, god fearing and above all could sing! A lot of females wanted him for themselves but he only had eyes for Sister Ngozi, this made her get a lot of haters and admirers all the same, but she barely noticed.

I got tired of her not seeing me worthy enough to give me details about her personal life, so I decided to meddle in even without invitation or permission. One fateful day, I stayed behind while everyone left and I hid behind the church bookshop and waited for sister Ngozi to come out, she eventually came out after a long time. I slowly followed her, thankfully her destination was close by so I didn’t have to trek for a long time, she finally stopped at a gate and knocked….a little boy about the age of 6 came to open the gate and with a cheerful face he screamed “Mummy has come back! What did you buy for me and Ebere?” He said jumping up and down 

She laughed and said “Let’s go in first sweetheart, and I’ll give you what I bought. Hope grandma took good care of you and my little princess?” She said closing the gate behind her.

I stood far afar off, watching this drama unfolded before me….I needed more answers, so I walked slowly to the gate and knocked…..

All I saw was a person confused, full of secrets, regrets and hatred right in front of me as the gate opened.  
PS: This is a fictional story ❀️


TMI (Too Much Information Tag)

Hey Guys!
Happy New Month! I know I’m so late in saying this, have mercy on me 
I came across this TMI (Too much information ) tag on Funke’s blog you can read hers here

So I decided to jump on it
What are you wearing?  Still in my nighties πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Ever been in love?  Yes….please who hasn’t? πŸ™„

Ever had a terrible breakup? Yes! 

How tall are you?  5’7/ 5’8

How much do you weigh? *Runs to check*

Any tattoos? None. for now!

Any piercings? Yea, just on my ears though. (Two)

OTP (One True Pairing: what’s your favorite fictional couple): Don’t have any

Favourite show: None

Favourite bands? Hillsongs 

Something you miss? My long hair, had to cut it because relaxers damaged it. 

Favourite song: I love too many songs, hard to pick one

How old are you? Izz a personal stuff 

Zodiac sign? Aries 😍❀️

Quality you look for in a partner? God fearing, understanding, FUNNY, caring

 Favourite Quote? 

Favourite actor? Denzel Washington 

Favourite color? That should be brown.
Loud music or soft? Both, depends on my mood

Where do you go when you’re sad? My room, stay there and meditate

How long does it take you to shower? 5-10 minutes

Ever Been in a Physical Fight? Yes.

Turn on: Beautiful dentition, good English, nice scent 

Turn off? :Gossips, dishonesty and lack of the fear of God 

The reason I joined Youtube?: Not on Youtube

Fears?:They’re are too many, but Rapture

Last thing that made you cry : It was a movie, but can’t remember the name

Last time you said you loved someone?: Today

Meaning behind your Youtube/Blogging Name?: This space is too small to explain it.

Last book you read? :No greater love-Danielle Steel

The book you’re currently reading? : None for now 

Last show you watched:King of Hearts
Last person you talked to: My mum

The relationship between you and the person you last texted: I’ll answer this at the right time 😜

Favourite food: Eba and Okro soup

Place you want to visit? : Dubai!

Last place you were?:My sitting room

Do you have a crush?:Yes

Last time you kissed someone?: Been a while …
Favourite flavour of sweet? :It must have a milk taste, that’s why I love buttermint 

What instruments do you play? : Lol none…but I’m working on it.

Favourite piece of jewellery?:My necklace….it has a ring pendant and was also a gift

Last sport you played? :Can’t remember

Last song you sang? :Superhuman – Chris a Brown ft Keri Hilson
Favourite chat up line? :“Wassup??”

Have you ever used it: Every time 

Last time you hung out with anyone: On my POP day ( October 5th/6th)

 Who should answer these questions next?  :Cassie Daves, Fredah, Beth Fayemi, Stephy Lately, thebalckwriter, T2pitchy, Demi Akin and whoever finds this fascinating ❀️❀️

Till next time, much love babies ❀️

ATM personalities

Standing on an ATM queue can be very frustrating and annoying, but what can one do when that’s the only ATM machine dispensing money and the need is urgent?


Well…the ATM “wait” most times is not all that boring because you may be forced to laugh at some personalities you will meet there…These are some of them

1) Oga “I have too much money”
Nothing annoys me more than these type of people, they can spend almost 30minutes withdrawing huge amounts of money, not considering the fact that the money could finish and the other people waiting on the line could be stranded


2) Miss “Fine and sophisticated”
This one is for the ladies, they can’t wait for long, their reason would be that the sun is too hot or they don’t want their makeup to be ruined


3) “We are stranded”
I always feel sorry for these set of people because if the ATM machine stops paying they have no cash to hold on to….most times, I allow such people to withdraw before me (because I have compassion and home training)


4) The talkative
This type of person won’t mind starting a conversation with everyone on the queue, it’s either they are on the phone talking so loud or they just keep talking.


5)The business person
This one is always in a hurry, either there’s an appointment to catch or there’s a business deal. You usually see this type of person hurrying whoever is before them…you would hear statements like “Pls Mr man hurry up, I have so many things to do”


6) The “Calm and collected”
This one just accepts his fate and patiently waits for others…but silently praying that the machine doesn’t stop paying before it gets to their turn.


I’ll stop here….but I’m quite sure I didn’t mention all the personalities. So please if there’s anyone I missed out feel free to drop a comment below and tell me which one I didn’t mention and also if you have met all these personalities before, would be so happy to hear from you.



My KEKE Encounter

“Corper Ebee ka α»‹ na-aga?” (where are you going?) the keke guy asked me
Twitching my face, I gave him this “I don’t understand Igbo”
(You know, serving in an igbo land can be very funny sometimes, they all expect you to understand the language)
“Where you dey go?” He asked again noticing the expression on my face
“I dey go NOWAS, but I no get change oh”
“How much you get?”
“I get 1000naira”
“No worry, enter I get change na just 200 naira you go pay”
I was okay with the amount so I got in…

“Corper e be like say you no understand our language” he said amidst laughter
“No I don’t” I really wasn’t ready to start a conversation
“Make you learn before you comot oh”
I didn’t say anything, just nodded my head.
We finally got to my destination, I quickly brought out the 1000naira note, that was when I noticed the keke driver checking his pocket and the pigeon hole….he obviously didn’t have change, this ensued for about 3minutes before i said
“Oga, give me the change please, I’m already late”
“But I been get change na, where this change con enter” he was talking to himself
I just stood there with the 1000naira note in my hand looking at him, I was trying so hard not to get upset.
“Corper biko I no get change abeg buy something, so you go fit get change”
“But you told me you had change” I said with a harsh tone
“Abeg no vex”
This guy didn’t understand that this was my last card and buying any item was not in my agenda. I walked away with the keke driver following, I stopped at a shop to buy a drink, but the sales girl didn’t have change giving me the “I just dey open shop” reply. The other stores were closed, I looked at the keke driver and told him I had tried, there was nothing else I could do.
Time was going….my change wasn’t forthcoming, the keke driver was still busy ransacking his keke like it was one evil spirit that stole the money. I was already late for my CDS and the keke guy instead of asking for change from his fellow keke drivers he just stood there staring into space, I was already upset.
“Corper, sorry say I don waste your time, no worry about the change again make you dey go. Infact make I drop you for the local government where your CDS dey hold”
My face lightened up….I quickly got in and less than 30mins, I got to my destination without paying. I thanked the guy and forgot all about my anger immediately.

I know most of you reading this would be wondering why I didn’t walk away when my change wasn’t forthcoming, reason is I had respect for the keke driver because he looked old and besides home training won’t allow me to walk out and again I was actually scared that he was going to create a scene. But all things worked together for my own good, I even got to my CDS venue and they were about to start, so I didn’t miss anything *yaaayy*
I know keke drivers could be so annoying atimes but it would look somehow arguing with a keke man because of change..
This was my own Keke encounter what’s yours??

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Beauty on Rubbish

So today after my CDS, i sat down with a few friends gisting and all, we decided to hang out in a ‘buka’ and on getting there they all rushed for the plastic table and sat down quickly on the chairs, I was left with the bench lol but the bench was a table, so i had to get a plastic chair to sit on.
While sitting there, I suddenly felt sorry for the poor bench because everyone chose the plastic table over it and while sitting there, I likened this bench to some of us, people do not consider us to be useful or do not see anything good coming out of us this also happened in the Bible too
“Can any good thing come out of Nazareth?-John 1:46”
And we all know the rest of the story…. I’m here to tell everyone of us that most people consider as “rubbish” that something beautiful could come out of you, let me give you a tip: Whenever people tend to make you feel less of yourself, just remind them that you are God’s creation and you were created in his image and likeness
And good news! Something good came out of my bench, here it is:

It’s beautiful isn’t it?? I hope this post was able to cheer someone up? Thanks for following me on this journey xx

Bag: From a boutique in Port Harcourt
Shades: PoshKollect

A Patient’s Tale (Episode 3)

‘Damn! these dudes have messed us up, how are we going to repay the money we borrowed and lost at the same time due to the carelessness of these idiots?’ the voice sounded really frustrated and fierce at the same time

I tried to open my eyes but i couldn’t, there was this burning sensation i felt just below my rib cage, one of the bullets had hit me. The men kept talking, they obviously thought i was dead, but what about Femi? Did the bullet kill him? I couldn’t tell… i decided to shut my eyes till i could hear their voices no more.

Minutes passed, i was loosing blood and getting weak but i tried to be strong and wait for this men to leave my house… they were looking for something because i heard, doors in the house being opened and closed, i silently prayed my wife and kids won’t come back home at least not yet.

‘Let’s go, the file is not here’ a voice said

What file were they talking about? footsteps approached me, and i felt a kick just were i had been shut, i had to stop myself from making a sound or they’ll discover, i was still alive….

‘Rest in peace Bastard!’ that was the last thing i heard before passing out again….
‘Peter! no my love please stay with me please…. think of our kids, I’m pregnant… another baby is on the way, you can’t leave me now’ this was definitely my wife’s voice, she was crying profusely…there was someone else with her but i couldn’t tell who it was..

I tried to open my eyes but i couldn’t they felt so heavy… i wanted to tell her i was fine and i wasn’t going to die but all i could do at that moment was try to move my hand….
‘He’s alive, oh thank God! please doctor take a look at him’ my wife said excitedly

‘He lost a lot of blood we need to start a blood transfusion on him, I’ll go and check our blood bank so the transfusion can commence, and he needs lots of rest as well’ the doctor said

After the doctor left, i could feel my wife’s hand caressing my forehead all she kept saying was ‘You’ll be fine my darling’
I really don’t know how long i was in the hospital but on waking up, i saw my wife sitting down beside me with tears in her eyes, i tried sitting up but i couldn’t because i was so weak….

‘Peter, our kids are dead!’

‘What???’ i screamed

‘How did you get us into this mess?’ she asked

‘I am so so sorry’

‘Tell me now! I want to know everything!’ she was screaming now
Then i told her everything, i told her i don’t know what went wrong, my wife just sat there staring at me and shaking her head.
‘They killed Femi and his wife, our kids and my sister with whom they were with, Peter why?’ she started crying again

I tried to console her but i was weak
‘They left a note saying, they’ll be back for the file, and i shouldn’t bother going to the police’ she said

I was speechless and confused

‘Let me go and speak with the doctor, and find out when you will be discharged’ she said, getting up
After she left, i turned to the wall and cried profusely like a baby, however my tears were brought to an abrupt halt as i heard gunshots in the hallway, i tried to stand up but my legs still failed me, i was still struggling when…
‘Peter, they are here!’ my wife stood at the door covered in blood

Seeing her in that state gave me an unusual energy, i quickly got up and rushed to her… but on getting there another gunshot was fired and it hit my wife from behind piercing through her stomach
‘Femi run please forget about me, i won’t be able to make it, i forgive you and i love you so much…’

I watched my wife die in my arms, i couldn’t even cry or better still there was no time to cry because i heard footsteps fast approaching to where i was, i looked around and noticed that one of the windows had no burglary proof on them…i quickly got up and with one last look at my wife, i jumped out through the window.

I was a man without no family and no friends, i had lost everything within weeks….I could feel the stares from people as i walked down the street but i didn’t pay attention to it, i needed to find solace as soon as possible before these people are able to locate me… but who can i run to?

I was looking like a mad man, still on the hospital wear given to me, with blood stains all over them… i even tried begging for money just so i could buy something to eat but everyone that i begged turned me down, i was on my own.

All i did was roam the streets seeking help from people i barely knew… i was walking down the road one day when i saw the sign post of this hospital and i found out it was a charity organization. This was the best place for me to hide, at least they’ll take care of me properly, i decided not to say a word to anyone but only tell them my name, afterall my appearance gave them the answers they would ever need…. that was how i ended up here. That is my story satisfied?

‘Quite a sad and interesting story’ Doctor Alfred said standing up

Facing the wall, the next thing i heard was what shocked me
‘You think you are smart Yea? i knew you weren’t dead when i shot you but i allowed you to leave hoping you would correct your friend’s mistake by giving us that file but i can see that you are a fool’

I turned to see who was speaking, lo and behold it was Doctor Alfred with a gun in his hand aiming at me

‘Now, for the last time where is the file?’

I was speechless, then the same gunshot i heard repeated itself again but this time the other way round, i shut my eyes believing the bullet was going to pierce my skin any moment from now and i would feel the pain but i felt nothing just silence…. i opened my eyes to see Doctor Alfred lying in the pool of his own blood.

Who shot him? I didn’t see anybody, i opened the door and with one last look at Doctor Alfred i set out…. searching for answers, hoping I’ll find what i seek for…


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A patient’s Tale (Episode 2)

img1454864712870.jpegDoctor Alfred stood up rather sluggishly but i knew he was weak, he couldn’t even look at me anymore or say a word, he just walked out.
Well i expected that reaction,Β after allΒ who would want to risk their life just to save a patient or rather a stranger, i knew this would mark an end to his coming so i was prepared.
Days, weeks and months passed there was no sign of Doctor Alfred (i missed him though). I was confined to my room, i only came out when it was time to have breakfast, lunch and dinner with other patients in the dining hall. Sometimes, i’ll refuse to eat and no one would even bother to force me,or find out the reason why i rejected the meal because no one cared apart from Doctor Alfred. Silently,i prayed that he will never come back, i did not want to lose him by telling him my story.
Suicide was my next mission, i was prepared to die with my secret…at least no one would be hurt, Doctor Alfred would be saved. I started looking for means and instruments to use that will aid my suicide attempt….i got a wire that was carelessly left around by one of the electricians that came around to fix the light, i was able to get it one of the days we all walked to the dining hall for breakfast…i quickly hid it in the pocket of my hospital outfit.
Back in my room,i stared at the fan…all i needed to do was tie the wire firmly on the fan and just stand on the chair and put it round my neck and i will be gone before anyone noticed.
‘Hello Friend’
I was lost in my thought that i barely noticed when someone came into my room.
Doctor Alfred was back! I was stunned, perplexed, afraid…i was a mix of emotions. I wanted to run and hug him but my body won’t move,so i just stared.
‘I am prepared to die’ he said cheerfully
This man should be admitted into this hospital just like me,because he has gone mad, i silently thought
‘So where did we stop?’ he said, sitting down on my “suicide chair”
‘Just before you came in, i was about to commit suicide, why did you come back?’ I asked him still staring at him like I’ve just seen a ghost
He just smiled and said ‘Tell me your story Mr Peter’
Ten years ago, i was working as a manager in one of the banks (name witheld), i had all i needed in life, the salary was good, i was comfortable with everything. The only thing i lacked was a family, i was an unmarried man or like they call it a bachelor. My immediate family tried so hard to hook me up with different ladies, but all of them complained about the same thing, “i was boring and too serious” but i didn’t consider myself as being boring or too serious, rather i considered myself as not being ready for a relationship, afterall i was just 29 most of my mates were still bachelors so why hurry? But this didn’t stop ladies from flocking around me, most of them wanted something serious, the others just wanted my money or for their sexual desires to be granted.
Gradually… i turned 32, and the pressure to get married became too much especially from my mum, she always brought the issue of seeing her grandchildren before she died…i always feared for her because i wasn’t ready to lose her yet.
One fateful day, during a conference meeting between my bank and different banks…there was an argument that broke out between one of the banks and another, chaos everywhere….
‘Keep Quiet’ came the voice, soft and tough at the same time
Everywhere became still at once, that was when i noticed her, she was the most beautiful woman i had ever seen, and silently i prayed that she wasn’t married… i casted my gaze to her fingers and saw no ring, i was tremendously happy. I later found out that she was just an accountant in one of the banks, but what i couldn’t understand was how everyone kept silent after she spoke. Let me not bore you with how we started a relationship and all.
But a year after that incident, we got married …our wedding was the talk of the town, because alot of dignitaries were present. We had our first child, some months later after our wedding, it was a boy with full hair like his mum and a handsome face like me of course… “bundle of joy” was what i called him. Three years later, my wife took in and had a daughter… she had all her mum’s facial features, i loved her dearly.
I stopped talking and looked at Doctor Alfred who was looking intently at me, and said ‘Don’t expect me to tell you the name of my wife and kids’
He just smiled and said ‘Continue’
Shortly after we had our daughter, i lost my job because my bank was shut down due to some financial crisis….i searched for other job vacancies but i was not lucky, my degree and good CV became useless. After months of searching for job and getting no favorable response from any of the companies i applied to, i gave up…. my wife on the other hand gave me moral support and even helped me to search for jobs, i was grateful to have married her… thank God, she was still working, we all depended on her but she never ever tried to make me feel less about myself.
I ran into a friend during one of my job hunting escapades… his name is Femi, he was my childhood friend and coursemate in school. Femi was so happy to see me and sad at the same time when i told him, i lost my job…..he promised to help me secure a job and i should expect his call soon, so i patiently waited for his call. He kept his promise, and he invited me to his office….. i met him and he told me, i was going to work for him as his P.A which i gladly accepted at least it was better than sitting at home doing nothing. I started work immediately, Femi was kind to me and my family, he always brought gifts whenever he came visiting… my children became so fond of him.
One of the days, while i was in the office, Femi called me and told me to take his car to a particular workshop that he wanted them to fix something in the car, that i did. Weeks passed and this same act continued…i wanted to ask Femi why i always took the car to that particular workshop for fixing but i didn’t ask him, instead i was going to find out myself.
So one of the days, while coming back from the workshop, i stopped the car and opened the car bonnet, i saw a black box tightly wrapped around the car engine, i opened it and that was when i saw my death warrant “Cocaine” i was shocked, who will ever believe that Femi was doing drugs, i quickly dropped the content back into the box and closed the bonnet. I drove to the office, and gave the keys to one of the workers, i just couldn’t face Femi after seeing that content… why would he hide such a thing from me? he was supposed to be my best friend, i started ignoring his calls and refused to go to work… my wife tried to find the reason behind my refusal to go to work, but i just told her i needed rest which she didn’t believe though considering the fact that it was almost 2weeks I’ve stayed at home.
‘I cannot remember sacking you’ Femi said, while sitting down on one of the couches in my sitting room… he had come visiting.
I stared at him, without saying a word
‘If it’s something i did that you weren’t comfortable with, i am very sorry’ he said
‘It’s not what you did, but what you have been doing’ I said, looking at him with sadness in my eyes
‘I don’t understand’
So, i told him everything and how i discovered the content in his car.
‘What I’m doing is a very dangerous business, it is not something i would want to introduce you to… it involves loyalty, your life could be used as an exchange if things went wrong’ he said, looking at me intently
‘Introduce me to your business’ i said without a show of emotion
‘You must not tell anyone about this not even your wife’
And so… i joined Femi in his business, and became very prosperous….i even moved out of the rented apartment we were staying to our own house with my family, Life was good.
Then one day, Femi came to my house, sweating profusely….i looked out to check if anyone was pursuing him but saw no one, he didn’t even come with his car and i noticed he was wearing different pairs of slippers.
‘Femi what is the matter?’ i asked while trying to calm him down
‘They are after me, goddammit! they have killed my wife, I’m left with nothing’ Femi said rather hysterically
Still trying to understand what he said…
‘Your life is in danger Peter’ was the last thing i heard before the gunshots started

To be continued…

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I am very sorry for the delay, been busy. Thanks alot for your patience xx

PS: I just turned 22 last month yippee!!