MacRoc (Exclusive interview)

Happy New year guys!! Sorry for the long wait, as promised in my last post here I told y’all that I’ll be starting an interview series soon πŸ’ƒ and I kept to my promise.

I had a 47mins voice note exchange with Efe MacRoc Idu and trust me it was hilarious and very entertaining, unfortunately I can’t post the voice notes on here but I’m sure you’ll have a swell time reading his interview. Do enjoy ❀

Let’s meet you. Tell us about yourself and who you represent.

My name is Efeoghene Macdonald Idu, also known as MacRoc. I’m from a family of four  (my parents and sister inclusive). I’m a computer scientist graduate from the prestigious Benson Idahosa University. I am an A.U ambassador, I discover talents, nurture talents and I’m also a cover person (this is me trying to be humble *laughs*)

Along the line after your studies, what changed? Why did you leave computer science for Music?

Well… this is quite a tricky question. I didn’t leave computer science, I’m still a computer scientist because I still use it in my line of work. I am a network administrator professionally. I’ll say that I am practicing music producer not practicing computer science professionally.

What other producers, music artists do you see as your primary inspiration?

In my style of music, let’s just leave it to Nigerians only one of the people I greatly admire is Cobhams Asuquo. I study him closely and tend to understand his next move and also apply such in my line of work.

Another person is Don Jazzy, his business ethics is out of this world. These two actually do it for me.

That’s interesting! How do you value studio time?

I value studio time the same way I value my life. It is extremely valuable to me because it has changed lives, so I think it deserves a whole lot of respect. I do not joke with my studio time.

Tell me about the most interesting project you have worked on this year and what you learnt from it.

(He said something really funny here, I laughed my ribs out). Most of my interesting projects would be my covers, they inspire me. But one of my best was the “Uncle Suru” it is amazing! 

And one thing i learnt from it is to be simple, results would come gradually.

Is there an artist you’ve always wanted to work with but never had the opportunity? If yes, give us details. 

Yes, there are actually a couple of artists I would have and would love to work with, one of them is Tiwa Savage

because of the kind of global music I do, she’s one that would actually do justice to something I could come on with. She’s on my top list.

That’s lovely! I hope your dream comes to actualization. So tell me, about some of the challenges you’ve faced over the years.

I’m actually independent so there’s alot of challenges for independent music producers especially when it comes to finances. And another challenge is in the area of sponsorship, since I started I’ve never had a sponsor it has just been me and God all the way. 

What do you like to do for fun?

I watch movies alot, I’m a football manager. For fun basically, I hang out with friends and I love road trips alot.

(I was so dramatic here πŸ˜‚) Are you in a relationship? If yes, how do you balance your work life and relationship?

I have a lot of relationships I am involved in with family and friends and I try my best to balance it because most times I have to focus on my work so that they can be proud of me. But in terms of a mutual relationship with the opposite sex I am SINGLE, my major focus now is on my work, I want to have a grip on my career for now.

What are we expecting from MacRoc in 2018 and years to come?

In 2018, there’ll be more collaborations, International collaborations precisely, more covers and visuals. I also want to branch into a new venture, a new side of me would be unveiled in 2018.

I know there are alot of people who look up to you. So what advice do you have for these ones?

For the aspiring music producers, pay attention to social media, be very consistent in your work, don’t give up, be sensitive when you get an opportunity. 

Be a boss of your craft, look for a particular music and own it. Be a king in your own lane.

Thank you so much for granting this interview. We hope to see you at the top! 

You can follow him on Instagram @efe_macroc Twitter @efe_macroc and Facebook MacRoc Productions

Watch this space for more exclusive interviews ❀


TMI (Too Much Information Tag)

Hey Guys!
Happy New Month! I know I’m so late in saying this, have mercy on me 
I came across this TMI (Too much information ) tag on Funke’s blog you can read hers here

So I decided to jump on it
What are you wearing?  Still in my nighties πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Ever been in love?  Yes….please who hasn’t? πŸ™„

Ever had a terrible breakup? Yes! 

How tall are you?  5’7/ 5’8

How much do you weigh? *Runs to check*

Any tattoos? None. for now!

Any piercings? Yea, just on my ears though. (Two)

OTP (One True Pairing: what’s your favorite fictional couple): Don’t have any

Favourite show: None

Favourite bands? Hillsongs 

Something you miss? My long hair, had to cut it because relaxers damaged it. 

Favourite song: I love too many songs, hard to pick one

How old are you? Izz a personal stuff 

Zodiac sign? Aries 😍❀️

Quality you look for in a partner? God fearing, understanding, FUNNY, caring

 Favourite Quote? 

Favourite actor? Denzel Washington 

Favourite color? That should be brown.
Loud music or soft? Both, depends on my mood

Where do you go when you’re sad? My room, stay there and meditate

How long does it take you to shower? 5-10 minutes

Ever Been in a Physical Fight? Yes.

Turn on: Beautiful dentition, good English, nice scent 

Turn off? :Gossips, dishonesty and lack of the fear of God 

The reason I joined Youtube?: Not on Youtube

Fears?:They’re are too many, but Rapture

Last thing that made you cry : It was a movie, but can’t remember the name

Last time you said you loved someone?: Today

Meaning behind your Youtube/Blogging Name?: This space is too small to explain it.

Last book you read? :No greater love-Danielle Steel

The book you’re currently reading? : None for now 

Last show you watched:King of Hearts
Last person you talked to: My mum

The relationship between you and the person you last texted: I’ll answer this at the right time 😜

Favourite food: Eba and Okro soup

Place you want to visit? : Dubai!

Last place you were?:My sitting room

Do you have a crush?:Yes

Last time you kissed someone?: Been a while …
Favourite flavour of sweet? :It must have a milk taste, that’s why I love buttermint 

What instruments do you play? : Lol none…but I’m working on it.

Favourite piece of jewellery?:My necklace….it has a ring pendant and was also a gift

Last sport you played? :Can’t remember

Last song you sang? :Superhuman – Chris a Brown ft Keri Hilson
Favourite chat up line? :“Wassup??”

Have you ever used it: Every time 

Last time you hung out with anyone: On my POP day ( October 5th/6th)

 Who should answer these questions next?  :Cassie Daves, Fredah, Beth Fayemi, Stephy Lately, thebalckwriter, T2pitchy, Demi Akin and whoever finds this fascinating ❀️❀️

Till next time, much love babies ❀️

ATM personalities

Standing on an ATM queue can be very frustrating and annoying, but what can one do when that’s the only ATM machine dispensing money and the need is urgent?


Well…the ATM “wait” most times is not all that boring because you may be forced to laugh at some personalities you will meet there…These are some of them

1) Oga “I have too much money”
Nothing annoys me more than these type of people, they can spend almost 30minutes withdrawing huge amounts of money, not considering the fact that the money could finish and the other people waiting on the line could be stranded


2) Miss “Fine and sophisticated”
This one is for the ladies, they can’t wait for long, their reason would be that the sun is too hot or they don’t want their makeup to be ruined


3) “We are stranded”
I always feel sorry for these set of people because if the ATM machine stops paying they have no cash to hold on to….most times, I allow such people to withdraw before me (because I have compassion and home training)


4) The talkative
This type of person won’t mind starting a conversation with everyone on the queue, it’s either they are on the phone talking so loud or they just keep talking.


5)The business person
This one is always in a hurry, either there’s an appointment to catch or there’s a business deal. You usually see this type of person hurrying whoever is before them…you would hear statements like “Pls Mr man hurry up, I have so many things to do”


6) The “Calm and collected”
This one just accepts his fate and patiently waits for others…but silently praying that the machine doesn’t stop paying before it gets to their turn.


I’ll stop here….but I’m quite sure I didn’t mention all the personalities. So please if there’s anyone I missed out feel free to drop a comment below and tell me which one I didn’t mention and also if you have met all these personalities before, would be so happy to hear from you.