TMI (Too Much Information Tag)

Hey Guys!
Happy New Month! I know I’m so late in saying this, have mercy on me 
I came across this TMI (Too much information ) tag on Funke’s blog you can read hers here

So I decided to jump on it
What are you wearing?  Still in my nighties ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Ever been in love?  Yes….please who hasn’t? ๐Ÿ™„

Ever had a terrible breakup? Yes! 

How tall are you?  5’7/ 5’8

How much do you weigh? *Runs to check*

Any tattoos? None. for now!

Any piercings? Yea, just on my ears though. (Two)

OTP (One True Pairing: whatโ€™s your favorite fictional couple): Don’t have any

Favourite show: None

Favourite bands? Hillsongs 

Something you miss? My long hair, had to cut it because relaxers damaged it. 

Favourite song: I love too many songs, hard to pick one

How old are you? Izz a personal stuff 

Zodiac sign? Aries ๐Ÿ˜โค๏ธ

Quality you look for in a partner? God fearing, understanding, FUNNY, caring

 Favourite Quote? 

Favourite actor? Denzel Washington 

Favourite color? That should be brown.
Loud music or soft? Both, depends on my mood

Where do you go when youโ€™re sad? My room, stay there and meditate

How long does it take you to shower? 5-10 minutes

Ever Been in a Physical Fight? Yes.

Turn on: Beautiful dentition, good English, nice scent 

Turn off? :Gossips, dishonesty and lack of the fear of God 

The reason I joined Youtube?: Not on Youtube

Fears?:They’re are too many, but Rapture

Last thing that made you cry : It was a movie, but can’t remember the name

Last time you said you loved someone?: Today

Meaning behind your Youtube/Blogging Name?: This space is too small to explain it.

Last book you read? :No greater love-Danielle Steel

The book youโ€™re currently reading? : None for now 

Last show you watched:King of Hearts
Last person you talked to: My mum

The relationship between you and the person you last texted: I’ll answer this at the right time ๐Ÿ˜œ

Favourite food: Eba and Okro soup

Place you want to visit? : Dubai!

Last place you were?:My sitting room

Do you have a crush?:Yes

Last time you kissed someone?: Been a while …
Favourite flavour of sweet? :It must have a milk taste, that’s why I love buttermint 

What instruments do you play? : Lol none…but I’m working on it.

Favourite piece of jewellery?:My necklace….it has a ring pendant and was also a gift

Last sport you played? :Can’t remember

Last song you sang? :Superhuman – Chris a Brown ft Keri Hilson
Favourite chat up line? :“Wassup??”

Have you ever used it: Every time 

Last time you hung out with anyone: On my POP day ( October 5th/6th)

 Who should answer these questions next?  :Cassie Daves, Fredah, Beth Fayemi, Stephy Lately, thebalckwriter, T2pitchy, Demi Akin and whoever finds this fascinating โค๏ธโค๏ธ

Till next time, much love babies โค๏ธ




My world seemed like it was spinning, I could hear the thumping of my heart….tongue tied and confused with the receiver still in my hand.
“Hello? Hello? Miss Amanda are you still there?” the voice at the other end said
“Ye….ss” I muttered, choking on the tears that was trying to force itself out
“Please we need you to come to the station and identify the body of your fiancee”

Jide and I met during our secondary school days, although he was my senior and ahead of me with a class. We got started on a wrong foot after I stood up to him for punishing my best friend Zainab unjustly, he resented me from that day and tried to make me miserable but it was a failed attempt. After, he graduated… I was elated that my worst nightmare had come to an end, little did I know that fate has a way of bringing two sworn enemies together. We bumped into each other in the university while on my way to lectures.
“Look who we have here” he said with that sarcastic tone in his voice I detested so much
He had become so handsome over the years, I couldn’t help but stare and lust…….this was the beginning of our journey.
Jide hardly gave me breathing space, he would always wait for me after every lecture and taunt me till I got to my hostel….he clearly enjoyed seeing me frustrated. Gradually with time, feelings set in and our relationship was envied by close friends and associates on the campus.  We planned that as soon we both graduate and serve, we would get married, this was our plan until a week to our marriage, I got a call from a nearby police station informing me that there was an accident and everyone lost their life including Jide. The worst part was that the two cars that clashed got engulfed in fire at the same time, the victims were burnt but according to the informant, Jide’s body wasn’t burnt beyond recognition, so I was called to come and identify the body before they take it to the mortuary.
Body trembling… I felt sore, I didn’t feel like traveling  so I got a cab to take me to the police station. On getting there, I demanded to see Jide’s body, his corpse was unraveled but it wasn’t Jide….

PS: I am so sorry I kept you all waiting for posts ,I promise to be more consistent. Would love it if you can also tell me what you have been up to recently, Love y’all 💋💜

Dead Secret


“You’ll never raise a bastard in my house, go and look forย  it’s father,” my father said.
“You are a disgrace! How do I face my fellow women?” my mum sobbed.

Staring into space, not a single tear drop, eyes fixed at my parents, a hoarse laughter erupted from my lips. My parents looked at me, shocked. But I couldn’t care less of what was on their minds.

My baby bump was slowly rising, clothes became tighter. The stares I received from friends and relatives became hostile as the days went by. I still didn’t care. Moroever I was the one who knew the real truth about my pregnancy.

“Babe, you need to tell me the truth, how did you get pregnant all of a sudden?” My only friend asked.
I stared at her like she was the one responsible for my pregnancy but she didn’t flinch. She gave me that look of ‘I’m not going anywhere till you tell me the truth.’

Nightmares were my only companions at night. I grew pale gradually yet my parents paid no attention to me, I couldn’t blame them. I had hurt them in so many ways. I clearly understood their anger.

With the last strength in me, I pushed my baby girl into this world She was so beautiful but looked so fragile, the doctor gave me my baby after cleaning her up. Weakly I whispered to her, “your father is your grandfather,” and took my last breathe.


Thanks to Jay Jay for helping me with the pictures and also editing this post, I’m grateful. He’s also a great writer as well, click on his name and view his blog ๐Ÿ˜˜


Hey there!!!
I’m really so sorry…for leaving you all like this, but I needed to take a break..and trust me the break helped, been up to a whole lot of things.

PS: My nysc days are gradually coming to an end with mixed feelings.
While I was on that break, I really had to take out time to focus on my blog necessities…I do not want my blog to be messy or boring either and going through some blogs, I was able to achieve my aim.
I’m going to be starting a series soon, so Anticipate…because it’s going to be different and thrilling.
Also lately I’ve fallen in love with the VSCO cam, I do not regret installing this app.
And I’ll be letting my phone of two years go…ever since the screen got bad, it has never been the same but trust me, my phone is the real MVP…the battery is strong, I also use it most times to take great pictures…that’s why letting it go is tough for me, I might just end up changing the screen and continue using it when a new one comes,it’s a NOKIA X …below are a few pictures I took with my phone, you could see more on my Instagram page @toks_david



And thanks to everyone following my blog, even all through my silence…I got comments, likes and followers as well. I’m totally grateful, also if you have great tips that would help my blog, please do not fail to leave a comment below.
So….what did I miss??


If pain must come, may it come
quickly. Because I have a life to
live, and I need to live it in the
best way possible. If he has to
make a choice, may he make it
now. Then I will either wait for
him or forget him- Paulo Coelho

She could swear she hasnโ€™t seen him act that way before,never in her wildest dream had she thought he would.

ย She creates sugarymountains out of unpleasant mole hills. Her mom described her as a โ€œself-willed canvas,โ€ defined as โ€œa blank canvas that doesnโ€™t require a painter to create beautiful paintings.โ€ She was quite capable of creating her own world withpaints and brush of her own construction.

ย Yet with that avid imagination of hers she never saw this coming. She was distracted by ย her purported definition of reality.

She had gone ahead against all odds, she was the wise one. Several voices and fingers pointing her towards his countless flirtations ย were dismissed. The avalanche of emotions hearose clouded her thinking and made her numb to reality. It blinded her reasoning that the handwriting on the wall, bold, underlined, italicized and even highlighted failed to get her attention. She simply waved it away as another ruse created by her so called haters ; they were jealous she found truelove.

Now she sits, sipping coffee, tears dropping from her eyes as she glanced at his smiling face on her Ipad. She cursed under her breath why she didnโ€™t see that space between his teeth as the distance between the words in his mouth and the one in his heart. Her vivid imagination lauded as herstrength has become her Achilles heel. She had convinced herself that though a pig will always go back to the mud, her own pig can be cleaned and clothed in ruby. She showered him with love, drowned him in sex and choked him with gifts.She had happily ever after fantasies that will make Walt Disney shudder.

She scrolled through his pictures, zoomed closely to view his spotless face, pointed nostril and thick cherry lips that always has a magnetic pull to kiss. Then pushed the back button, tapped select all and then tapped delete.She just didnโ€™t want to be reminded of his dubious ways by his phoney smile.

She stood up from the seat she had been glued to and madefor her closet, fetched out his clothes. She gathered them in a pile andbundled them outside. She came back in through the back door and began scoutingfor every gift he had given to her. Smashing them on the ground as she wept,cursing for falling helpless in love with him. She was a fool in love and foolsalways end up with broken hearts. Hers wasnโ€™t just broken, it had been smashedin a thousand pieces and she was more than certain that never will she loveanother so deep. Her wanderings of love have been nothing but bleak, she alwayslove the wrong men. Ironically, the tell-tale signs always existed but shefails to see or rather chose to ignore they existed, and her supposedlyromantic tale always end sour.

She gathered all his belongings and stared at the heap forfew seconds, made up her mind, poured petrol from the 12 liters jerry-can shewas holding. Lit up a match and threw it at the rubble lying in front of her aseverything engulfed in flames. She stared at the flames through tear filledeyes and remembered her mother’s words; โ€œOpen your eyes and see, donโ€™t keeploving one who is playing you. Love may be blind but certainly not foolish.โ€

She cursed again, her heart ached as tears kept flowing butdeep down she knew she would fall again. She never learns from her mistakes.She just knew it deep down and the thought of that sends chill down her spine.ย 

Here’s a lil bio about the writer (I call him Jay Jay) :
I tell pictures,ย  snap stories and I question answers. You can stalk me on Instagram @bekexjj where my addiction to black and white is revealed or you can see my failed attempt at not writingย  on my blog www.4unansweredprayers.wordpress.comย  which has nothing to do with prayers I can assure you. I have a dream that one day my eyes will become a digital camera to capture pictures more awesome than the eyes can see.


ATM personalities

Standing on an ATM queue can be very frustrating and annoying, but what can one do when that’s the only ATM machine dispensing money and the need is urgent?


Well…the ATM “wait” most times is not all that boring because you may be forced to laugh at some personalities you will meet there…These are some of them

1) Oga “I have too much money”
Nothing annoys me more than these type of people, they can spend almost 30minutes withdrawing huge amounts of money, not considering the fact that the money could finish and the other people waiting on the line could be stranded


2) Miss “Fine and sophisticated”
This one is for the ladies, they can’t wait for long, their reason would be that the sun is too hot or they don’t want their makeup to be ruined


3) “We are stranded”
I always feel sorry for these set of people because if the ATM machine stops paying they have no cash to hold on to….most times, I allow such people to withdraw before me (because I have compassion and home training)


4) The talkative
This type of person won’t mind starting a conversation with everyone on the queue, it’s either they are on the phone talking so loud or they just keep talking.


5)The business person
This one is always in a hurry, either there’s an appointment to catch or there’s a business deal. You usually see this type of person hurrying whoever is before them…you would hear statements like “Pls Mr man hurry up, I have so many things to do”


6) The “Calm and collected”
This one just accepts his fate and patiently waits for others…but silently praying that the machine doesn’t stop paying before it gets to their turn.


I’ll stop here….but I’m quite sure I didn’t mention all the personalities. So please if there’s anyone I missed out feel free to drop a comment below and tell me which one I didn’t mention and also if you have met all these personalities before, would be so happy to hear from you.



The STRAY Child


“Mummy please stay with me….I need you in my life, I’m not ready to be an orphan” I said amidst sobs
“Do not worry my child, I’ll never leave you….whenever you want to speak with me search deep within you….and you will find me” she said with a smile on her face as she drew her last breath….

It’s been three years since I lost my mum, I barely had vivid memories of my dad. My mum told me he died after I turned 3years…..

Standing at the roadside with my “clique” it’s another night and money has to be made. I do not lack money or good clothes but my greedy spirit is at work….I desire more…..

Smirking my lips at the bundle of money in my hand, this would go along way….looking up at my customer…I saw thirst still in his eyes, but we had an agreement…1hr and nothing more!

What is Aids? I barely knew what that was….and I didn’t bother to find out about it. I was healthy since I rarely fell ill…

Reminiscing….while in this sick bed, looking up at heaven, knowing I should have talked to mum before taking any decision in my life.