Broken Dreams

“My name is David Jacobs, I am from a family of 5, the first son and child of my parents. I am from Anambra state, My hobbies are…” 

Pens up! Came the teacher’s voice. Staring at my exam sheet before me, I knew I had failed this particular exam, this was supposed to be an Essay about the economy of my Country but here I was describing myself and telling stories about my family. I couldn’t be blamed, a lot had happened to me over the years and I allowed these issues affect my studies, already wasted my years in school trying to get a BSC in Marketing but I kept failing, all my mates had already gotten theirs and were far ahead of me. Lecturers already gave up on me and even some of my course mates advised me to just quit and go into business.

“David! David!” my sister Ada called out with her tiny voice.

“Mama is calling you oh” she said

Ada was my only sister, I lost my other siblings through a strange sickness, this sickness affected each one of us but I and my sister pulled through, my other siblings weren’t so lucky. Few years later, I lost my dad and my mum was left to cater for our needs. Ada and my mum were very precious to me, so I worked hard in secondary school and was at the top of the class the whole time. I got an admission into the university and did small jobs by the side so I could send some money home for my mum and Ada who was now in secondary school and about to write her final exams. 

Things were going well for me and I got good feedbacks from my mum about Ada, and I prayed earnestly to God that he keeps me long enough so I’ll be able to cater for my family.

My third year in school was the beginning of my travails, I got a message from my mum telling me to come home, stating that it has been a while she saw me. I obliged to her request and travelled home, on getting there I saw my sister, Ada with a swollen tummy and a man old enough to be her father by her side which I later got to discover that he was her class teacher in secondary school. I wept and refused to eat, this case to me was like I have been pouring water into a basket, Ada meant so much to me and I had great plans for her but seeing her in that state shattered me. 

I left few days later with a broken heart, I couldn’t concentrate any longer on my studies and even lost the small job I was doing because of my nonchalant attitude.  I lost friends because I would pour my aggression on them and never apologize, my life was a mess, I felt there was no need struggling to be great since the people or rather the person I suffered for has decided to choose her own path.

Staring at the blank paper before me, I knew that if I didn’t pass this exam, I was going to be rusticated from school. 

“Nooooooooooooooo” I shouted

“David! David! What is the matter?” My sister Ada said with her tiny voice.

Opening my eyes, that was when I realized I had been dreaming the whole time. 




My world seemed like it was spinning, I could hear the thumping of my heart….tongue tied and confused with the receiver still in my hand.
“Hello? Hello? Miss Amanda are you still there?” the voice at the other end said
“Ye….ss” I muttered, choking on the tears that was trying to force itself out
“Please we need you to come to the station and identify the body of your fiancee”

Jide and I met during our secondary school days, although he was my senior and ahead of me with a class. We got started on a wrong foot after I stood up to him for punishing my best friend Zainab unjustly, he resented me from that day and tried to make me miserable but it was a failed attempt. After, he graduated… I was elated that my worst nightmare had come to an end, little did I know that fate has a way of bringing two sworn enemies together. We bumped into each other in the university while on my way to lectures.
“Look who we have here” he said with that sarcastic tone in his voice I detested so much
He had become so handsome over the years, I couldn’t help but stare and lust…….this was the beginning of our journey.
Jide hardly gave me breathing space, he would always wait for me after every lecture and taunt me till I got to my hostel….he clearly enjoyed seeing me frustrated. Gradually with time, feelings set in and our relationship was envied by close friends and associates on the campus.  We planned that as soon we both graduate and serve, we would get married, this was our plan until a week to our marriage, I got a call from a nearby police station informing me that there was an accident and everyone lost their life including Jide. The worst part was that the two cars that clashed got engulfed in fire at the same time, the victims were burnt but according to the informant, Jide’s body wasn’t burnt beyond recognition, so I was called to come and identify the body before they take it to the mortuary.
Body trembling… I felt sore, I didn’t feel like traveling  so I got a cab to take me to the police station. On getting there, I demanded to see Jide’s body, his corpse was unraveled but it wasn’t Jide….

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Dead Secret


“You’ll never raise a bastard in my house, go and look forΒ  it’s father,” my father said.
“You are a disgrace! How do I face my fellow women?” my mum sobbed.

Staring into space, not a single tear drop, eyes fixed at my parents, a hoarse laughter erupted from my lips. My parents looked at me, shocked. But I couldn’t care less of what was on their minds.

My baby bump was slowly rising, clothes became tighter. The stares I received from friends and relatives became hostile as the days went by. I still didn’t care. Moroever I was the one who knew the real truth about my pregnancy.

“Babe, you need to tell me the truth, how did you get pregnant all of a sudden?” My only friend asked.
I stared at her like she was the one responsible for my pregnancy but she didn’t flinch. She gave me that look of ‘I’m not going anywhere till you tell me the truth.’

Nightmares were my only companions at night. I grew pale gradually yet my parents paid no attention to me, I couldn’t blame them. I had hurt them in so many ways. I clearly understood their anger.

With the last strength in me, I pushed my baby girl into this world She was so beautiful but looked so fragile, the doctor gave me my baby after cleaning her up. Weakly I whispered to her, “your father is your grandfather,” and took my last breathe.


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The STRAY Child


“Mummy please stay with me….I need you in my life, I’m not ready to be an orphan” I said amidst sobs
“Do not worry my child, I’ll never leave you….whenever you want to speak with me search deep within you….and you will find me” she said with a smile on her face as she drew her last breath….

It’s been three years since I lost my mum, I barely had vivid memories of my dad. My mum told me he died after I turned 3years…..

Standing at the roadside with my “clique” it’s another night and money has to be made. I do not lack money or good clothes but my greedy spirit is at work….I desire more…..

Smirking my lips at the bundle of money in my hand, this would go along way….looking up at my customer…I saw thirst still in his eyes, but we had an agreement…1hr and nothing more!

What is Aids? I barely knew what that was….and I didn’t bother to find out about it. I was healthy since I rarely fell ill…

Reminiscing….while in this sick bed, looking up at heaven, knowing I should have talked to mum before taking any decision in my life.


My KEKE Encounter

“Corper Ebee ka α»‹ na-aga?” (where are you going?) the keke guy asked me
Twitching my face, I gave him this “I don’t understand Igbo”
(You know, serving in an igbo land can be very funny sometimes, they all expect you to understand the language)
“Where you dey go?” He asked again noticing the expression on my face
“I dey go NOWAS, but I no get change oh”
“How much you get?”
“I get 1000naira”
“No worry, enter I get change na just 200 naira you go pay”
I was okay with the amount so I got in…

“Corper e be like say you no understand our language” he said amidst laughter
“No I don’t” I really wasn’t ready to start a conversation
“Make you learn before you comot oh”
I didn’t say anything, just nodded my head.
We finally got to my destination, I quickly brought out the 1000naira note, that was when I noticed the keke driver checking his pocket and the pigeon hole….he obviously didn’t have change, this ensued for about 3minutes before i said
“Oga, give me the change please, I’m already late”
“But I been get change na, where this change con enter” he was talking to himself
I just stood there with the 1000naira note in my hand looking at him, I was trying so hard not to get upset.
“Corper biko I no get change abeg buy something, so you go fit get change”
“But you told me you had change” I said with a harsh tone
“Abeg no vex”
This guy didn’t understand that this was my last card and buying any item was not in my agenda. I walked away with the keke driver following, I stopped at a shop to buy a drink, but the sales girl didn’t have change giving me the “I just dey open shop” reply. The other stores were closed, I looked at the keke driver and told him I had tried, there was nothing else I could do.
Time was going….my change wasn’t forthcoming, the keke driver was still busy ransacking his keke like it was one evil spirit that stole the money. I was already late for my CDS and the keke guy instead of asking for change from his fellow keke drivers he just stood there staring into space, I was already upset.
“Corper, sorry say I don waste your time, no worry about the change again make you dey go. Infact make I drop you for the local government where your CDS dey hold”
My face lightened up….I quickly got in and less than 30mins, I got to my destination without paying. I thanked the guy and forgot all about my anger immediately.

I know most of you reading this would be wondering why I didn’t walk away when my change wasn’t forthcoming, reason is I had respect for the keke driver because he looked old and besides home training won’t allow me to walk out and again I was actually scared that he was going to create a scene. But all things worked together for my own good, I even got to my CDS venue and they were about to start, so I didn’t miss anything *yaaayy*
I know keke drivers could be so annoying atimes but it would look somehow arguing with a keke man because of change..
This was my own Keke encounter what’s yours??

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Beauty on Rubbish

So today after my CDS, i sat down with a few friends gisting and all, we decided to hang out in a ‘buka’ and on getting there they all rushed for the plastic table and sat down quickly on the chairs, I was left with the bench lol but the bench was a table, so i had to get a plastic chair to sit on.
While sitting there, I suddenly felt sorry for the poor bench because everyone chose the plastic table over it and while sitting there, I likened this bench to some of us, people do not consider us to be useful or do not see anything good coming out of us this also happened in the Bible too
“Can any good thing come out of Nazareth?-John 1:46”
And we all know the rest of the story…. I’m here to tell everyone of us that most people consider as “rubbish” that something beautiful could come out of you, let me give you a tip: Whenever people tend to make you feel less of yourself, just remind them that you are God’s creation and you were created in his image and likeness
And good news! Something good came out of my bench, here it is:

It’s beautiful isn’t it?? I hope this post was able to cheer someone up? Thanks for following me on this journey xx

Bag: From a boutique in Port Harcourt
Shades: PoshKollect

My new friend


  • “Lizzy!” my mum called from the basement
    “Mum! I’m coming” I ran quickly to meet her forgetting i wasn’t wearing my slippers
    “Please, i need you to go down the street and get me a screw driver from Mrs Martins” she said not looking at me
    Thank God she didn’t look at me, if not she would have realized i wasn’t wearing my slippers, she really hated that.
    I left her there and quickly put on my slippers and rushed out. Walking down the street, waving to a few people i knew neighbors as we usually call them…. I was getting close to Mrs Martins house, just then i saw a girl a bit a taller than i was i guess because she had long legs which i noticed and a black kinky hair, sitting on the pavement sobbing… I ignored her and continued walking but her sobs stopped me from moving a step further, so i went back and sat beside her… She didn’t notice because her head was lowered, i kept asking myself what i was doing here instead of going to Mrs Martin’s house to get the screwdriver for my mum.
    “Hello” I finally said
    She finally looked up, her eyes were already sore from crying, she was really beautiful from what i could see but hardship had disfigured her into a walking dead, she said nothing just lowered her head and continued crying.
    She didn’t want to talk to me or anyone, so i stood up and started walking to Mrs Martin’s house
    “Please wait” i turned and looked, the voice belonged to the girl, i felt really sorry for her and went back to sit down beside her
    “I ran away from home, because my mum wants me no more. She blames me for everything and that I’m the reason my dad left her, that my dad never wanted a girl but a boy. She couldn’t take in again because her womb was damaged because of an infection, so my dad left us” she said with tears welled up in her eyes
    I didn’t know what to tell Her because i also came from a broken home, my mum and dad got divorced after my mum caught my dad cheating but i couldn’t go into details
    “I’ll take you to my mum, just don’t leave here, I’ll be right back” i said getting up
    I rushed over to Mrs martin’s house and got the screwdriver and took along with me the girl.
    “What took you so long Lizzy?” my mum asked when i got to the basement
    Just then she noticed a figure behind me and lowering her voice she asked
    “Who is she? What’s her name? Who are her parents?”
    “Mum slow down, first of all i forgot to ask her about her name but she needs help” i said
    My mum willingly accepted her, i later found out that her name is Mabel, she told my mum everything and mum promised to take her back to her mum the next day, she retaliated though but my mum told her that she’ll have no reason to run away from home again. The next day finally arrived, we all rode down to Mabel’s house, after the bell rang a woman with so much resemblance with Mabel opened the door with bloodshot eyes. She looked at Mabel and started sobbing, my mum took her in… the house was a mess, she had been drinking. My mum and i cleaned up the entire house and my mum finally sat Mabel’s mum down and also told her, about her own marriage and promised to help her get a job.
    After hearing the words of encouragement from my mum, her countenance changed and she asked Mabel to forgive her, and promised to give her a better life. We left them to catch up. On our way back home…..
    “I’m so proud of you Lizzy” my mum said with a smile on our face.
    I was so happy that i was able to help someone.
    A few weeks later, Mabel and her mum came over to our place to thank us, Mabel looked transformed and i could see she was happier now, i felt a sense of satisfaction. That was how the friendship started between both families.
    I got to go now guys, I’m supposed to meet Mabel at the mall. Always learn to help people no matter how small. Much love xx