Kemi’s Tale

Kemi found love at the age of 21 but didn’t know how to go about it.

Kemi was the only child and first daughter of her parents. She would have been the second child but fate had other plans as her old brother was snatched away by the cold hands of death at the age of 4, he died after being diagnosed to having Pneumonia. Kemi’s birth was a consolation to her parents who had lost all hope of ever having a child.

Kemi was showered with all the love and attention she could ever need, but one mistake her parents made was being too overprotective for their own good. Kemi barely had friends, and could barely interact with her classmates as her mum was always right in time to pick her up after school.

“Can I help you with that?” The male figure said

“Oh! I’m fine, I’ll just get one of the porters to help me take it up to my room. Thank you” Kemi said coolly

“I doubt you’ll be able to get any porter around here because they’ve all closed” the male figure said his perfect set of teeth in display as he spoke

“Ok then, I have no other choice. Please help me” she said

Kemi had gone to the states for further studies and it was a miracle that her parents agreed to let her go on her own with the promise that she calls them when she arrives. She had gotten an apartment just close to the university, her apartment was located at the 3rd floor. It had already been furnished to her taste all thanks to her Dad’s connection.

“I’m Kelvin by the way, my apartment is located on the first floor” he said with a smile on his face

“I’m Kemi” she said dryly

“Nice to meet you” Kelvin said as they got off the elevator

“Pls put it down here” Kemi instructed as she walked around her apartment inspecting it and coming to a conclusion that the interior designer did a great job.

“Well, I can see you have all you need here, so my job is finished here. Just incase you need anything, I’m in room 4 just on the first floor” Kelvin said while scanning Kemi’s face

“I don’t think I’ll be needing anything soon, thank you” Kemi said

“Ok then, bye” he said and left her apartment

Kemi was so wrong, because later that day she found herself right in front of room 4 thinking of whether to knock or just go back to her apartment and starve.

“Darn it!” She whispered under her breath and knocked

Kelvin opened the door and he stood there just wearing a shorts, his upper torso in all its perfect glory came into display. It was so hard for Kemi to concentrate as she kept staring at his masculine figure, she had never seen anything like this.

“I’m starving!” She said lost in thought

“Yeah I know, that’s what they say whenever they see me like this” Kelvin said with a grin on his face

“No! That’s not what I meant” she said feeling embarrassed as blood rushed to her cheeks

Kelvin laughed, his eyes closed while he did.

“I need food, and I was wondering if you could tell me where I could get groceries from. But I’m sure I made a mistake coming here” Kemi said, about to walk away

Kelvin grabbed her hand and told her he was joking and offered to make dinner since it was already late to go grocery shopping.

“That meal was awesome, where did you learn how to cook a meal as tasty as this one?” Kemi asked while sipping wine from her glass cup.

“My mum taught me everything just before she passed on last year” He said while cleaning up the dishes

“Do accept my condolences, she definitely did a good job!” Kemi said smiling

“Wow! You smiled! I have been trying so hard to see you smile and you finally did, oh my world!” Kelvin said while dramatically placing his hand on his chest

“Stop it jor” she said playfully

Kelvin was also the only child of his parents like Kemi and was born and brought up in the states and barely visited Nigeria. His family wasn’t as rich as Kemi’s but they were well to do, he was currently doing his masters and clearly 5years older than Kemi.

“Thank you for the meal Kel, I better get going” Kemi said getting up from the floor, they were both sitted on the floor gisting about literally everything

“All thanks to you for allowing me to treat you to dinner, I hope we do this again” Kelvin said with a smile on his face

“Sure we will, but do not forget we are going grocery shopping tomorrow, so I can also show you my culinary skills” she said rubbing her hands together

2weeks on and Kemi and Kelvin’s friendship was in full gear as they had sleepovers together, went to cinemas and even went to church together. They literally did everything together, but there was no emotion attached.

“Hey Kemi, in two days I’ll be travelling to South Africa to see my dad and I wanted you to accompany me” Kelvin said

“Wow South Africa?? Never been there, I would have loved to go but I got a test that same day” Kemi said with a sad look on her face

“It’s okay, I’ll wait till you’re done with your test then we can travel” he said

Kemi was speechless and all she could do was smile.

“I love you Kemi” Kelvin said over the phone one day.

Kemi had gone to see her aunty who lived in the states as well.

“Thank you Kelvin, but I do not know what love is between a man and a woman. But I’m sure you’ll teach me all there is to know” Kemi said with a bit of uncertainty in her voice

P.S: this is my pre-valentines day gift to y’all. Thank you!

Photo credit: @bekexjj


4 thoughts on “Kemi’s Tale

  1. Bravo!
    It always gets better with toksdavid.
    Thanks for the gift..
    Happy Valentine’s Day🍾

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