ACRIMONY! ACRIMONY! is all I see on every social media platform. But can I really blame anyone? No!

Tyler Perry has always inspired me right from the whole Madea scene, I love the way he sometimes plays with our minds and leave our tongues wagging, he’s a genius truly! And my ultimate goal is to meet him someday.

Who is to blame?
The man, woman, family???
Well, to me everyone had a part to play in the blame game, I really couldn’t put the blame tag on anyone so I rather put them all in the blame house.


One major lesson, I learnt is that you are the only one who knows your spouse. Once you are married, you are already in it for life, do not let your family intrude except for exceptional cases like domestic violence. Her sisters especially the elder one never liked the guy from day one and was the chief mastermind behind the divorce.
Learn to leave family out of your private affair and make your relationship/marriage work.


Well… he was a douchebag when he cheated on her with a lady at the beginning just after she got him a car and secondly when he chose his battery over his brother in laws job, he shouldn’t have done that at all. I also think that he didn’t beg her enough, c’mon this was a lady who did everything for you for 18 good years!, She deserves more than a flattering cheque. Besides who is going to marry a lady without a womb?

Melinda Gayle:

She allowed anger rule her, she let herself be influenced by her sisters. She couldn’t think for herself and this was wrong. Personally, I feel one thing the man should have done for her while with her was to take her to see a therapist because he knew her type of crazy. I felt sorry for her because she didn’t deserve to die after all she had gone through because of the man but oh well… that’s what anger does, it destroys you.

Technically, this is my take on the movie. We may have different thoughts about it (for those who have seen it) so please do not forget to let me in on your thoughts. You could do so by leaving a comment just below this post.

Thank you for reading.


56 thoughts on “HELL HATH NO FURY

  1. Well,I don’t completely agree with your analysis on Robert.
    If you ask me,the man didn’t do nothing wrong to her.you saying He cheated on her doesn’t count cause they weren’t “married” at that time and they were just kids.so calling out the actual cheat should be directed to the woman (Mel) she was the one who cheated in marriage.i could go on to give you more reasons to why I strongly think the man (Robert) didn’t do her wrong .you could say the man messed up jeopardizing His brother in laws job like that, but then he still came back and apologized

    1. Mel Cheated??? wow! I don’t think i remember that. Well, like i clearly said, Robert should have done more than a cheque.

      But, thank you for reading!

      1. My dear,No man would kill himself for a woman who “clearly” sent him out of her life..for all I know Robert loved her till the end but had to save his head from a resentful woman

      2. He should still have tried, because it was clear she was still in love with him but was blinded by rage which was instigated by her family.

  2. The years wasted can’t be regained. The guy abused her emotionally and psychologically. He moved on so quick. He moved on like he was waiting for her to even call for a divorce.

    The babe naturally has anger issues and the guy made her situation worse by cheating on her. No babe would act normal after seeing that the same guy you’re spending all ur mum left for you on is cheating on you

    And everything he ever promised her was now shared with the same babe he cheated on her with initially….that’s double trouble. The babe was even lucky she ddnt get killed

    The guy caused her so much pain that money cannot heal and the only solution is coming back to her and spending time with her. She was there for him when it was really bad even when no one else believed in him sef even when her folks were against the guy she kept on spending her money.

    And it was in the process of she being mad at the fact that he was cheating that she lost her womb.

    So imagine me as a lady,
    I spent all my inheritance on a guy
    He cheated on me and I caught him.
    He apologized and I forgave him and continued to spend time, energy and more money.

    At some point I lost interest cos he was showing a lackadaisical attitude and wasn’t ready to even work or save my mums house(which is her last hope) from being sold.
    I lost my womb cos of him
    And now he’s made, he got married to the same babe he cheated on me with.

    Where was she when I was spending my life savings?
    Where was she when I gave my total time believing in his dreams?

    Now let’s ask the guy, was he really in love?
    Love doesn’t give up so easily!
    Love is patient!
    The greatest gift he can give her is spending forever with her.
    The guy is so insensitive.

    He should know that she called for a divorce cos she was tired and couldn’t take it anymore. That was where he as a guy who truly loves her would step up and refuse to sign the divorce and rather Promise to stay as per do or die. But he signed right there without even trying to think it through and walked away(should it be that easy?) And then got married to someone else and gave her all that he promised the initial babe while she was spending and felt that the best he could do was compensate her with a cheque??? Lol knowing that money cannot buy wasted years, energy and a womb.

    My thoughts though.

    1. Lol you sound pained,no offense.and for you to conclude your comment with words like “Love is patient,Love doesn’t give up easily” referring to Robert sounds hypocritical to me cause you said she (Mel) loved him unconditionally. So now tell me,why would anyone put so much work into a relationship and then give up along the line cause of anger or the excuses of a man you clearly asked for a divorce not “begging “ so much to keep the relationship,only for you to come back to claim what you left behind? Isn’t that selfishness!

      1. 😊😊

        Every human has a limit. And as a partner we should understand individual differences. Robert has always known that his babe has got anger issues. Nothing stops him from taking her to see a therapist to help curb totally or reduce to less-threat level her anger issues. But instead, he was taking from her and cheating on her. Robert could have done better really. It’s not about being hypocritical. It’s about being factual. You as a lady won’t take such.

        Robert wasn’t showing any sign of seriousness at some point. He cared less about every job offer suggested to him all cos he was particular about his project. We are humans and you don’t expect that we see the future. We can only be hopeful and trust the future to make sense and most times your present attitude tonwork determines how the future would look. So Robert to the babes folks wasn’t even doing enough as a man ought to. U nah have a big dream, u may be the only one seeing it but there are ways to diplomatically approach an issue and put your partners mind at rest knowing fully well that she has contributed tirelessly to the same dream she doesn’t have an idea about or even seeing positive traits.

        She was tired, she gave up and out of ‘anger’ she suggested a divorce. You as her partner shouldn’t even sign those papers. But without much perusal, he signed and walked away. Haba! Ikechukwu😊😊

  3. Your analysis is very precise and insightful, but I feel the lessons to be leanrt is more than the scope of this note. However, because I am a man like Robert and I have been in his shoes before in life, i would want to advice ladies with acrimonious temperament. Female acrimoniousity is something that’s beyond self destruction. It satanically penetrates deep into your spirit, into the recesses of your being, it consumes you and reduces the quality of your thoughts and decisions. Ladies be careful with you anger and never be acrimonious.
    Thanks Toks, you’re such an incredible writer.

  4. Wait did you guys even see the movie? Right there in the office in the presence of her fam and the mockery from them,the man still confessed his love and got no reply from anyone? Lol it’s just ridiculous arguing about this 😂

    1. Lol we all watched it. Everything still boils down to her anger issues, he should have known she was being controlled by the words from her family, like i said she was blinded by rage which she later on regretted

  5. Mel’s only fault was love and anger
    Wen u give a man all of u,ur body ,soul,money u will do anything 2 protect wat u have

  6. Den as 4 the oga he knew she had anger problem den y dis he still marry her ?u knw d family hates u,u went 2 see a lady u wer intimate with and it did not cross his mind 2 tell his wife🤔 dats all shades of wrong

  7. For me, every single character in the movie was wrong. But the root of the problem was Mel. She had not gotten her life together, she had self esteem issues (how can you just sleep with a guy just because he said you’re beautiful?)

    To me, she was still immature.

    Her family, F9! They’re the definition of how bad third party interference can be.

    Next, that guy started out as a gold digger and he saw that the girl was vulnerable and so he used her. He may have grown to love her but is love really enough in relationships? Is love the only thing that matters in relationships?

    The judge did his job, but he would have been a little more sympathetic towards her. Emotional and psychological damages had been done to the woman.

    That therapist was dumb as hell, it’s your job as a therapist to make someone who is stupid feel good about themselves and actually admit their stupidity. She’s a black woman, it’s stereotype for her to go overboard so why can’t you have her admit that there is something wrong with her?

    And Robert, everything he promised her he flaunted in her face. He should have been a little on the downlow, he moved on too fast(but there’s no such thing as too fast when you’re in love is there?). But how could he fall in love like that? I think he wasn’t in love, he was just filled the space of Mel with someone else. Which is kind of what we do sometimes, instead of healing, we move to the next rebound.

    This is an essay🤣🤣

    Everyone is this movie was wrong.

    1. Omg! My darling I totally agree with you. Everyone had a role to play in this movie 😂😂😂 I’m glad someone shares the same view as I do.

      Thanks alot for your comment and for reading as well.

  8. OK so this is what I think. I agree with you in the Sisters. They couldn’t wait to rub the ” I told you so” on Mels face even when they didn’t have concrete evidence.
    Secondly Robert, if you were him, you would definitely have turned that truck around. He waited 18 years and then some for that big break. There was no need for him to beg when she divorced him, he had spent the last 18 years making her life miserable,if you ask me, I think he felt he had done enough to her already. What annoyed me about him was leaving her to struggle, two jobs all by herself and barely contributing anything financially to the marriage. No Good man would do that. He was lazy.
    Finally Melinda, She definitely didn’t have a mind of her own that was her major problem. It’s true that after some time we forget why we ever did some things, but if those things were done out of strong conviction we would always stay true. She didn’t even understand what she was putting all her money into. Just an ignorant girl.

  9. My Princess,good write up… I’ll try not to be biased with my comments. Someone here has already said most of the things on my mind, I ain’t disputing thehe fact that she did a lot for the guy,she really tried,but where I’m angry or getting pissed is where they keep saying he ought to have fought harder for her…like he begged her even in the court room there,told her not to do that…he obviously can’t force her. And when he begins to beg up and down now,lawsuit is the next thing to come up, restraining order against the guy…like I get everything but the fighting more for the whole marriage stuff…ladies don’t fight that hard for relationships, I don’t know which constitution states that guys should do more of the fighting in relationships, this whole Acrimony stuff is not as twisted as most people actually think…just saying sha.

    1. Dear Presh, thanks for your comment.

      But where y’all are missing the point is that I said, he could clearly see that she was being misled by her family, and that what was why the first thing I pointed out was family. That’s why I feel he should have begged her more.

    2. God bless you my good friend,you have foresight and it would lead you to great places in this life…thanks for this truth 🙌🏽

  10. I don’t think any movie has ever evoked so much emotion in people and triggered debates with varying, parallel perspectives from men and women like Tyler Perry’s Acrimony. Its a great movie that reveals both sides of a great coin. It’s perception, how one person sees and reacts versus their counterparts and the outcomes. Tyler did a magnificent job and so did the actors. Well done Toks 👍🏽

    1. I’m Telling you, what’s not there to love about Tyler Perry?? He’s a great producer and i’m so sure that till the end of this year, Acrimony is still going to be on everyone’s lips.

      Thank you Clinton.

  11. This movie sha.. A lot of mistakes were made on both their paths. He should have fought for his so called love.. She should have trusted him. I mean you alone know your spouse. Family is great but we shouldn’t let them decide for us or define our happiness. Robert was selfish, he wanted so badly to be that rich dude who had everything, He was alone in his world. And he was lazy af imagine staying home for 18years jobless, that’s messed up.. Finally always speak up when offended, don’t keep emotions bottled in, it ruins!! Mel’s mania was as a result of pent up emotions..

  12. Vegeance is mine says the Lord.

    Please forgive the foolishness of Chris. He was stupidly careless. I believe he has learnt some deep lessons and would become a better man for this.

    You are a strong woman. You can rise above this… you can turn it to a stepping stone to greatness.

    Rise up beautiful one… Dont let the enemy win the day.

    Brace up and Jump over the seeming obstacle.

    You were born to overcome such temptation as this.

    Call me 08166869455. God bless you

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