My Story

April, 1994 was the beginning of my existence. A princess born into the world, looking like a foreigner with such a glowing skin that made the nurses wonder at how elegant I slept…even the way i sucked my two fingers radiated so much royalty around me.

The colour of my skin surely brought alot of favours to me and my mum, she got free rides most times when she walked under the scorching sun holding up an umbrella just to shield me.

My 3rd birthday, the camera scared me and I cried so much but I’m sure mum brought in her magic and the tears stopped immediately.

The flower girl and little bride roles rarely passed me by… I was in almost all bridal train 😂.

Threading my hair was a norm for me as my dad refused us from braiding our hair with extensions or even fix weavons (I braided my hair one time and it was so tight that i couldn’t sleep, mum and my aunty had to take it off that night for me and that was what brought about this decision). If we fixed at all, it was only if there was an occasion and when that was done, we were expected to take it off.

School time was here, I don’t really remember much about my school life but mum said I always brought good grades back home.

Dad spoilt us silly with virtually everything, junks never lacked in our mouths and my body size proved it later on 😂

Got into secondary school at a very tender age of 9+ and i was able to adapt. Changed school 3 times because of location mostly.

Got into the university at the age of 17, and fell in love at that same age 🙈 with a basketballer/photographer (relationship lasted for almost 3years). Drama unfolded in my final year (boy drama) but my friends where there to back me up especially my roomie at that time 💗. I scaled through even though I almost came back for just one course but God said no. While in school, I found my writing skill and opened a blog but wasn’t sure about what I wanted to do with it but I discovered later on.

My Nysc days was filled with the good, bad and ugly but I’m more than a conqueror. I also met a whole bunch of people this period that helped me alot.

My working experience started in February 2017 and trust me it wasn’t a jolly ride, immediately I got the job I had to relocate from PH TO LAG. Transportation was a serious problem, but my breakthrough came when I discovered a family friend stays close to my workplace but I’m back to staying alone once again and I’m fine. I made friends that turned into family.

I met most of my online friends I’ve never seen before (RIP CHIME) and I felt at peace.

This is a brief summary of Toks David and I did this because my blog is 5years today.

P.S: I discovered my love for writing while in the university and I decided to open a blog all by myself.

Thanks to everyone who has stayed, encouraged, supported, criticised etc. Toks David won’t have made it this far without you and I hope to do a massive giveaway someday to thank you all for this display of love being shown to me.


20 thoughts on “My Story

  1. We love u…and ur blog. And I know u still av many more lives to touch.. One day we’ll do a big get together we can all meet d special person dat u are.

  2. Congrats dear🍾
    Even though I’m fairer than you😜😜
    I know the best days are ahead..

  3. I call her my Princess😊There hasn’t been any regret knowing you.A Woman of substance,I pray you grow stronger and wish you success in your pursuit.Amen

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